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Clearly, Frederic, you are not a lawyer (unless you are very incompetent). Consult an IP lawyer first about the meaning of "the work." What you are doing now is like a 10-year old giving sex-ed lessons. The work is a specific legal term, meaning the whole damn thing you put together and all the time and money and hope to go with it. I've been down the road with this, including consulting three lawyers who said there was nothing there only to have the other party keep gong after me until I had to go for an IP attorney for thousands of dollars, just to save my ass and that was a settlement with a no-talk clause. For a multiple of thousands of dollars more I could have thrown their ass backward, said my good lawyer, but there was no point. I had no money, and all over a $400 job. Don't be giving readers such horrid and potentially damaging advice. "The Works" is a special legal term. They did not write that into the EULA casually.

3 years, 2 months ago on Apple’s iBooks Author EULA: What’s the Big Deal?