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I think it's simply that outside the Jewish community and the commentariat, the word "Kristallnacht" and the events of 9-10 November 1938 have little resonance in our undereducated and history-deprived population. 75 years later, people don't understand that this was a pogrom, nor even what a pogrom might be.

Another theory is that the comparison Perkins made was so inapt and ludicrous that people just blew it off as overheated rhetoric. (I have to admit to doing this myself.)

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Poorly handled, certainly. But your dart fails to recognize that administrative separation for cause is authorized only for enlisted persons. If an officer is convicted of an Article 120 violation, but the sentence doesn't include a DD or BCD, there is (as far as I know) no obvious administrative recourse -- let alone an automatic one.

In my lay opinion, the other problem with the SecArmy ukase is that the term "sexual assault" is so poorly defined, and so sloppily used by the media,  that it can cover anything from an advance that turns out to be unwelcome, through forcible rape. It's no good saying that it's like pornography, you know it when you see it. The much narrower UCMJ definitions need to be used.

1 year, 3 months ago on Sex-assault double standard