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Certainly knowing the rules is key, (as far as any reading I've done), it would seem possible to apply for a TUE for Testosterone, it would also seem nearly impossible to be granted one.

IMHO, if a person medically needs Testosterone to function, said person should probably not be racing a bike...

1 year ago on Cat 3 Cyclocross Racer Daniel Baker Accepts USADA Sanction for Testosterone Use


I don't know how racing a Vegas/Wisconsin/NewEngland schedule would "ease the burden of travelling to the US. That is a geographical area nearly as large as all of Europe! Besides, what do the Belgian-centric sponsors who run the BPost and Superprestige series have to gain from going to the US? As cool as it might seem, I don't see it happening.

A World Cup could be a possibility, and be run with a second weekend of US C1 racing to cover the span. A Gloucester-Providence pair of weekends would be nice viable option IMHO.

1 year, 1 month ago on Euro News: Sven Talks ’Cross’s International Future, Cookson Talks Olympics