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@Piet a lot of ppl are probably getting this message in their email inbox like i did. you say, "nobody gives two fuckin shits.." but i know for a fact a lot of ppl are probably getting EVERY single comment in this chatbox area spammed to their inbox where i guess they read it like i did out of boredom and incentive to clear it out of the inbox.

seriously, it's gonna be the year 2018 and i'll still be getting emails forwarding every single message from this chatbox. so.. like it or not im accidentally forced into becoming a pro troll at this one comments section of this damned site. seriously, i feel like a crab that's stuck in a crab-trap.

2 years, 12 months ago on Overanalyzers #11 (Muppet Babies)


I played this scenario in Skyrim.. i think..

good thing i stole that game for free off piratebay. SOPA for the loss

3 years ago on The Killing of Satan (1983)


They need to do an episode where they UNDER-analayze everything and then compare the two.

3 years ago on Overanalyzers #11 (Muppet Babies)