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Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death, The Green Death, The Caves of Androzani and Inferno spring to mind.

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Into the Dalek

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere

Capaldi's Doctor got off to a fantastic start in Deep Breath, with his character settling into exactly the shape I'd been hoping for from him. Into the Dalek's greatest task was maintaining this character, which it does excellently. We see that this Doctor is not one to empathise with others, instead making cold, often hilarious (especially if like me you love dark humour) remarks which drive the people around him mad. His treatment of Journey, a very good guest character, and one who I think we haven't seen the end of, is far from what you'd expect from the Eleventh or Tenth Doctors, which makes for an interesting change. However, nothing quite compares to the fact that he makes a man think he will save him, before watching him die and using his death to save himself and his friends. Near the start of the episode he asks if he's a good man, and like Clara I'm still unsure of the answer. Speaking of Clara, she's on fine form again, striking up a hilarious chemistry with Danny Pink, who is himself a very interesting addition to the cast. His back story was handled in a slightly heavy-handed way, but it got the message across, and makes me very interested to learn more. It's certainly a more mature direction to go with a secondary character than you would normally expect. Now, I've spoken for so long and I've not even gotten around to the Daleks, who really are excellent here. Rusty is fantastic, and I'd be interested in seeing him return in the future. I enjoyed the scenes inside the Dalek, and it was nice finding out new details about their inner workings. It was also nice to see the Daleks killing again, even if they were just gunning down unnamed soldiers. The conclusion could've ended up quite soppy, but became very revealing about both the Dalek and the Doctor, when all it could find inside of him was hatred. Whether this is because this is the most dominant emotion inside the Doctor, or because this is what the Dalek's mind naturally honed in on is left ambiguous, but either way, it's a powerful moment, as are the shots of the dead Daleks, strangely reminiscent of the horrific ending to Resurrection of the Daleks. Overall a powerful, clever, and excellently made episode.


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Actually that does lighten the mood, ta. =D

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I'm not good with goodbyes, I tend to drift away from people, or they drift away from me, but anyway, this is moving from the point, which is that I want to say not goodbye, because that would suggest we'll never see each other or speak again, and the contents of your bushes will testify against that *coughs*. Anywho, I just wanted to say good luck, yer lovely ol' git.

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Average ratings of classic seasons, baring in mind some of these are based on just 1 or 2 episodes:

Season 7 - 9.5/10 (2/4)

Season 10 - 9/10 (2/5)

Season 13 - 9/10 (4/6)

Season 11 - 9/10 (2/5)

Season 17 - 9/10 (4/6)

Season 20 - 8.5/10 (1/7)

Season 14 - 8.5/10 (2/6)

Season 12 - 8.5/10 (3/5)

Season 8 - 8.5/10 (1/5)

Season 25 - 8.5/10 (1/4)

Season 6 - 8.5/10 (3/7)

Season 18 - 8.5/10 (4/7)

Season 3  - 8/10 (1/10)

Season 1 - 8/10 (5/8)

Season 2 - 8/10 (2/9)

Season 26 - 7.5/10 (3/4)

Season 9 - 7.5/10 (2/5)

Season 21 - 7.5/10 (3/7)

Season 22 - 7.5/10 (3/7)

Season 19 - 7.5/10 (3/7)

Season 5 - 7.5/10 (3/7)

Season 4 - 7/10 (1/9)

Season 15 - 6/10 (3/6)

Season 16  - N/A (0/6)

Season 23 - N/A (0/4)

Season 24 - N/A (0/4)

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I prefer the 3rd Doctor's era, the 4th's was fantastic during Season 12-14 and Season 17 also seems to be very good, but Season 15 and 18 seem more mixed (I've not seen anything from Season 16).

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Invasion of Time...hmm, well I will say that Tom Baker has had better.

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LOM/ATA watching...thingy.

So that's LOM done. I have to say it was very good, but I'm not entirely sure about the ending. It all felt a little confusing at times, but I'm sure ATA will successfully iron out any creases in an otherwise top quality plot.


1. LOM Series 2 9/10

2. LOM Series 1 8/10


1. Sam

2. Gene

3. Ray

4. Chris

5. Phylis

6. Annie

7. Nelson

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"Are you judging me?" "Who frowned me this face?" "Nothing is more important than my egomania!" "I have a horrible feeling I'm going to have to kill you."

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Seems like an interesting system, next time I do a full Who marathon, I might well use this (I would however make the change of when talking about Doctor/companion/sidecharacters/villains/monsters I'd apply a category for each one in each episode, i.e. for The Rings of Akhaten: The Doctor, Clara, Merry, Clara's parents, Akhaten, The Vigil, The Mummy or for The Doctor's Daughter: The Doctor, Donna, Martha, Jenny, the Hath, General Cobb, Cline.

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I prefer The Eleventh Hour and therefore voted for it, but I already prefer Peter to Matt.

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Either Vale or Trenzalore.

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I'd rate it higher, but a companion exit should be big and brilliant.

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I'd probably agree, although The Angels Take Manhattan was also very disappointing.

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I used David's method for the series finales, it's not far off in some cases, but for some ones it's a little too positive. I think I'll stick to my gut instinct in future:

1. The Parting of the Ways - 9.5/10

2. Last of the Time Lords - 9.5/10

3. Doomsday - 9.1/10

4. Journey's End - 8.9/10

5. The Name of the Doctor - 7.8/10

6. The Big Bang 7.5/10

7. The Wedding of River Song 6.8/10

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Blimey, that's a lot. On second thoughts I'll just do it for the series finales, less hassle.

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I'll have a go with Series 7, just to see what happens.

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Predicted ratings for the rest of Series 8?

Into the Dalek - 8/10

Robot of Sherwood - 7/10

Listen - 10/10

Time Heist - 8.5/10

The Caretaker - 7.5/10

Kill the Moon - 9.5/10

Mummy on the Orient Express - 9/10

Flatline - 9.5/10

In the Forest of the Night  - 8/10

Dark Waters - 9/10

Death in Heaven - 8.5/10

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The Parting of the Ways, The Satan Pit, Utopia, Midnight, Vincent and the Doctor, The Doctor's Wife, The Bells of Saint John.

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Given the writer is someone who's last contribution to Who was almost universally well-received, that just enhances the likelihood of history repeating itself.

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Given this is Moffat...maybe not.

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His actual costume, it fits more settings.

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"beautifuk" - I'm not even gonna say a thing...

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Then you realise it's made of skin.

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One bit stood out as poorly done to me, and that was when the Doctor dropped through the tree, landed on the horse and stole it. But I imagine that's a very technically tricky scene, so I won't kick up much of a fuss.

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Apart from me I haven't seen anyone rate it below 9 (bar DWTV).

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"I think the politest was actually the War Doctor" - Oh my word, he actually is! O________O

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And the phonecall music.

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Capaldi, Clara, Vastra and Jenny are all fantastic, and the threat was very interesting, but Strax's humour was at times grating and the Dinosaur felt unnecessary. 8.5/10

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Episode 1s:

1. The Impossible Astronaut 9.5/10

2. The Eleventh Hour 9/10

3. Smith and Jones 9/10

4. Partners in Crime 9/10

5. Deep Breath 8.5/10

6. Rose 8.5/10

7. New Earth 8/10

8. Asylum of the Daleks 6.5/10

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1. The Restaurant 2. The Cyborg dies 3. The Veil 4. The Doctor leaves and Clara takes a deep breath 5. The Alley

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Time for a list methinks. Top 5 funniest episodes of New Who: (with funniest moment)

1. Partners in Crime ("Am I interrupting you?")

2. The Unicorn and the Wasp ("Actually I was going to say you were completely innocent")

3. The Lodger (The Doctor and Craig have a, er, telepathic conference)

4. Deep Breath ("I can complain about things!")

5. The Doctor's Wife ("I've come up with a new idea about kissing")

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15/15 after two watches: http ://

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Deep Breath

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere

It certainly feels like Doctor Who's got it's game back together. More importantly I'm finally convinced Moffat's got his game back together. The Bells of Saint John reignited my faith in him, and since then the closest he's come to a failure was The Name of the Doctor (and I only take issue there with what that was trying to do, as opposed to how it was doing it). Deep Breath is yet another sign that things are returning to a more consistent and enjoyable level of quality. I might as well skip to the most important thing and say that Peter Capaldi, if he continues to deliver the fine performance that he gave here, may well be on a path to become my favourite Doctor ever. He is exactly what I've been longing for after Matt Smith (Not knocking him, but he's really not what I want from the Doctor). He can be incredibly funny, with some killer one-liners ("I'm Scottish, I can complain about things!" "I'd probably blame the English" "Don't look at that mirror, it's furious!"), yet also deadly serious, which showed through more towards the end of the episode when he talked about killing a man (well, a cyborg) over a glass of brandy. I know it's debatable whether he jumped or was pushed, but I'm certain he was pushed. He also has a great energy, riding horses and jumping into trees (OK, that bit was quite poorly shot) and fighting his enemies with his bare hands as well as his brains. He feels like everything that they aimed to do with Colin Baker done right, with a dash of Hartnell and Pertwee thrown in for good measure. So, now I've praised the new man, I also have to say that Jenna Coleman has really done a good job here. Being paired with an actor of Capaldi's calibre seems to have made her up her game and bring everything she's got to the table, and she truly matches him in all their scenes together, which is no mean feat. A word must also be said for Neve McIntosh, who as ever brings Madame Vastra to life with a superlative performance, aided by the fact she is handed some pretty interesting material (It's a saddening notion that in Victorian London her face is deemed a disfigurement, a nice little nod to how people of different races were considered at the time, perhaps?). The repeated idea of people wearing veils and judging one another is fascinating. Catrin Stewart does an excellent job as Jenny too, she and Vastra have lovely chemistry (and they provide an awesome moment when they drop down from the ceiling together, even if Strax ruins it a few seconds later). Dan Starky does a decent job as Strax, but I'm growing seriously tired of the "friendly Sontaran" by now, which is annoying because it's impossible to continue to use the characters of Vastra and Jenny without him sticking his head in too (unless, you know, he was dead...). The rest of the supporting cast all serve their purpose, and I do rather like the bloke who played the main villain, he managed to show that the character was both robotic and logical yet also had a human element too. A very tricky balance to get right. On the topic of the villain, the threat this episode is a very good one, despite the fact it does reuse some of Moffat's previous ideas (Clockwork robots using humans for spare parts, and an enemy which can be held back if you refrain from doing something such as blinking or breathing). But they're good ideas, and if you're going to reuse/steal ideas, always reuse/steal the best. The T-Rex ultimately feels unnecessary beyond providing a big start to the series, which admittedly it does nicely. And I suppose when the Doctor's lying in bed and translating is could be argued it's reflecting the Doctor's feeling. I'm left wondering a) How it's so big and b) why no one remembers it and talks about it in the future. Several scenes stand out as particularly note-worthy and they are, in no particular order: Vastra judging Clara and Clara standing up to her (for the brilliant dialogue and top-notch performances of both actresses), The climatic confrontation between the Doctor and the cyborg (for the ambiguity and again the acting), Jenny and Vastra dropping from the ceiling BEFORE STRAX RUINED IT (Because it was awesome), Clara confronting the villain and the Doctor saving her (because I'll admit I wasn't sure if he would), the Doctor "leaving" Clara (because it made my heart sink, and because it shows just how different to the Eleventh Doctor he is), the alleyway scene (because of the acting, the references and the fact Capaldi was both quite scary and yet still clearly the Doctor) and perhaps my favourite, the restaurant scene (because the dialogue was superb, the acting was stellar and those robots were really creepy). The Matt Smith cameo was a nice passing of the torch moment, and it felt like a better farewell to the character than what he actually had in The Time of the Doctor. It also explains why in the aforementioned episode he payed more attention to a hallucination than to Clara, because he had, in a way, already said goodbye. I'm intrigued by the new arc, I'm fairly sure it's not Heaven (For one thing, a homicidal maniac who makes balloons out of skin went there, so it's not exactly a place for only good people to go), and I'm fairly sure Missy isn't actually the Doctor's girlfriend (She seems more like a crazy stalker to me). Oh, and last but certainly not least, Ben Wheatly's direction and Murray Gold's score are superb. I eagerly await the soundtrack to this series already.


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8.5/10, so a 9. Strax stuck out really quite badly, and it took a moment to get going. But once the dinosaur died it really upped its game, and some scenes were truly superb. Especially the restaurant scene and the climax on the balloon.

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Best part of the viewing experience for me:

*First shot. Dinosaurs walks on screen*

Mum: Peter Capaldi's let himself go a bit, hasn't he?

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I have mixed feelings. It did make me laugh, but at the same time they were so awesome...

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Capaldi on the phone to Moffat: "I''m sweating spinal fluid! I'm a f***ing husk!"

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Not watching, just listening to music and rocking backwards and forwards.

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Indeed. I mean, no one calls J.K. Rowling a Writress, do they?

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I use actors as a generic term. Not sure if it's PC or not, but it's what I do.

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To pass the time, here's my list of the Top 10 actors that I want to see in Doctor Who:

1. Bryan Cranston

2. Stephen Rea

3. Maggie Smith

4. Alan Rickman

5. Douglas Henshall

6. Aaron Paul

7. Andy Serkis

8. Gary Oldman

9. David Thewlis

10. Andrew Buchan

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Can I take a moment of your time to appreciate how good The Honourable Woman was? Particularly the last episode, which gave every character the ending that fitted them. Also, Stephen Rea is amazing. I mean, really, he is absolutely brilliant.

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So, in anticipation of Deep Breath, ranking for openers?

1. The Impossible Astronaut 9.5/10

2. The Eleventh Hour 9/10

3. Smith and Jones 9/10

4. Partners in Crime 9/10

5. Rose 8.5/10

6. New Earth 8/10

7. Asylum of the Daleks 6.5/10

I'm predicting Deep Breath will be somewhere in the middle, maybe a little higher.

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The Day of the Doctor

Epic. Awesome. Fantastic. Grand. But still quiet. Touching. Upsetting. Uplifting. It merges the two, chucks in a tonne of good jokes and manages to be a perfect celebration. Matt Smith is on fine form, and David Tennant returns to the role with marvellous ease (even if his hair does not), and meanwhile John Hurt makes his only appearance one of the most memorable and exciting Doctor performances ever, and means the War Doctor is one of my absolute favourites. Honestly, that voice is sublime, and his first scene with the Moment is one of the best examples of acting, ever. From both of them. Honestly, Billie Piper is stellar here. Also Jenna does a great job as Clara. Jemma Redgrave, Ingrid Olliver and Joanna Page are also excellent, especially Jemma. I hope we see loads more of Kate in the future. The Zygon sub-plot is excellent and feeds into the main one about the Time War perfectly. In fact I resent calling them a sub-plot and a main plot, they're all one plot linked together in a very clever way. The music is amazing, Murray uses some of his best tracks from the last 9 years (Altering Lives, Clara, The Dark and Endless Dalek Night, The Wedding of River Song and The Doctor Forever spring to mind). The direction is on a whole new level, and the way the shots are edited together is perfect. I could go on for ages and ages and ages and ages about what's good in this episode, so to cut it short, here's the (rather obvious) score.



1. 2009 specials 9.5/10

2. 2013 specials 9/10

3. Series 3 9/10

4. Series 4 9/10

5. Series 6A 9/10

6. Series 1 8.5/10

7. Series 2 8.5/10

8. Series 6 8/10

9. Series 5 8/10

10. Series 7B 7.5/10

11. Series 6B 7.5/10

12. Series 7 7.5/10

13. Series 7A 7.5/10


1. 10th Doctor era 9/10

2. 3rd Doctor era 9/10

3. 9th Doctor era 8.5/10

4. 4th Doctor era 8.5/10

5. 7th Doctor era 8/10

6. 1st Doctor era 8/10

7. 2nd Doctor era 8/10

8. 11th Doctor era 8/10

9. 5th Doctor era 7.5/10

10. 6th Doctor era 7.5/10

11. 8th Doctor era 7/10

Top 10 episodes:

1. The End of Time Part 2 10/10

2. Midnight 10/10

3. The Waters of Mars 10/10

4. The Day of the Doctor 10/10

5. Genesis of the Daleks 10/10

6. Utopai 10/10

7. The Satan Pit 10/10

8. Forest of the Dead 10/10

9. The Doctor's Wife 10/10

10. The Family of Blood 10/10

Bottom 10 episodes:

1. Fear Her 4.5/10

2. Underworld 4.5/10

3. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 4.5/10

4. Flesh and Stone 4.5/10

5. Love and Monsters 4.5/10

6. The Invasion of Time 5.5/10

7. The Ice Warriors 5.5/10

8. The Rings of Akhaten 6/10

9. The Angels Take Manhattan 6/10

10. Nightmare in Silver 6/10

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Nightmare in Silver

"Shambles" is a word that springs to mind. To cut to the chase, Artie and Angie are awful, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Cybermen's ability to upgrade to infinity is irritating and means they'll soon become unbeatable (although Time seemed to ignore that, which to be honest I can't complain about). Mr Clever's a very mediocre villain, the characterisation just seems to be evil and more crazy Eleven, which doesn't really allow Matt to flex his acting muscles and instead leaves him twirling more than ever before. Most of the members of the Punishment Platoon are quite painful to watch, although I like Captain Alice. Porridge is easily the character of the hour here, although the person who should really be proud for what they did for this episode is Murray Gold. He truly does elevate the story to be much better than it could have been. Oh, and I love Webley, for the little we had of him.


The Name of the Doctor

This is a tricky one. Acting - excellent, scripting - excellent, music - excellent, direction - excellent, all the production design and costumes and whatever, they all did a great job (except for whoever CGId the pre-credits scene, that wasn't too impressive). But all this great work is built on a fundamentally flawed story. The Clara arc is something I don't really like, and the resolution doesn't change my mind. It just feels intrusive, to be frank. River shouldn't be post-Library. That just feels like a slap in the face to her one truly brilliant story. Angie and Artie are shown to still be alive, which just isn't good enough (I'm kidding, in case you didn't guess). The Great Intelligence is a creature of cold logic so an act of revenge is, well, a rubbish scheme to give it. Also why must Moffat keep on bringing back the GI but not the Yetis? They're the only reason anyone remembers him. Also Jenny's death is a bit of a joke. But still, it is highly enjoyable, it has stunning visuals and music, and the cliffhanger is sublime. So I'll be generous, due to the hard work everyone put in, even if it is built on very weak foundations.


Series 7 episodes:

1. The Bells of Saint John 9.5/10

2. A Town Called Mercy 9.5/10

3. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship 8.5/10

4. Hide 8.5/10

5. Cold War 8.5/10

6. The Snowmen 8/10

7. The Crimson Horror 8/10

8. The Name of the Doctor 7.5/10

9. The Power of Three 7/10

10. Asylum of the Daleks 6.5/10

11. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe 6.5/10

12. Nightmare in Silver 6/10

13. The Angels Take Manhattan 6/10

14. The Rings of Akhaten

15. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 4.5/10


1. 2009 Specials 9.5/10

2. Series 3 9/10

3. Series 4 9/10

4. Series 6A 9/10

5. Series 1 8.5/10

6. Series 2 8.5/10

7. Series 6 8/10

8. Series 5 8/10

9. Series 7B 7.5/10

10. Series 6B 7.5/10

11. Series 7 7.5/10

12. Series 7A 7.5/10

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