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While I definitely agree with you here, looking back at the box scores, the Dallas game might serve as a better example. The amount of ice time Shaw and Versteeg received was higher than Pirri's by nearly exactly the amount of PP time they each got. The previous night in Dallas, both Shaw and Versteeg played 5 more minutes than Pirri, in a game that featured only 1 PP per side. 


What makes it obvious that Q isn't enamored with Pirri is that Pirri clearly has no role. Prior to Versteeg's acquisition, he was playing on the 2nd PP unit. Prior to Handzus' activation, he was the 2nd line center. As far as I can tell he did nothing to lose those jobs, other than Q now had guys he liked better available to him. Which pretty much tells us what he thinks of Pirri.

1 year, 4 months ago on Is Brandon Pirri in Trouble?