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When it comes to Government financing and taxation, it appears that Reboot Illinois failed to ask the most important question of all, of all to the Gubernatorial Candidates which is: Would you enact a law that forced all Cities in Illinois to reveal to their citizens the amount of money tucked away in Off Budget Accounts from the Investment Revenue received by the Cities from Investments made in Corporations in the Stock Market using taxpayer dollars.

If looked into by the citizens in their cities Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, they will see huge sums of money that has been placed in Off Budget Accounts by the City Treasurer of their respective City, and never reported to the citizens, unless specifically asked about this money.

 This money in Off Budget Accounts is the direct result of Investments made by the city using taxpayers money and should have to be Audited and the funds in these Off Budget Accounts should be used to pay for this Audit, the results should be made to the citizens. This money in Off Budget Accounts is way more then the Budget ever is or could be and could and should be used to fund government services, which in turn could allow the city to lower or completely eliminate taxes altogether on their citizens. 

This money in Off Budget Accounts has been piling up for over 60 or more years, and the interest on this money alone would be enough to fully fund government services itself, which means the principal would not be touched because the principal is being added to Quarterly because the Investment the Cities have made receives Quarterly Returns on their Investment.  

This is the information Reboot Illinois should have brought to the attention of both the candidates, as well as the citizenry as it effects every Illinois voter/taxpayer.

1 month ago on Democratic governor questionnaire: who’s where on term limits, redistricting reform?