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RE: #8 - LT Back to Bammer -

Anybody else wonder how LT went from being an all-world #1 recruiter in T-town to an average recruiter at best in K-town? Hmmm, what ever could it be ... Same for Trooper Taylor ... average at UT but an all-world closer at Auburn. What in the world could it be?!

Answer: Sacks of payola-for-playola, folks. That's how Bammer & Barner play ball. Just ask ol' Rev. Newton.

PS - LT's #1 recruiting target when he gets back to T-town will likely be his former mistress. Word was that had more to do with the Thompson family making their way to Knoxville than more money or opportunities to learn from Monte Kiffin or whatever. Wonder how the missus feels about returning to the Capstone...

3 years, 3 months ago on SEC Headlines - 1/18/12