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Nice article! I saw a tweet about this article and the title caught my attention. I agree with your observations in that social media has changed the way we relate and communicate with others. I think the idea of "face to face" communication is an idea that also has changed, I think, or needs to be redefined. Prior to social media and internet video capabilities, face to face probably meant being in the same room. That concept for some is probably not longer limited to that definition. Here are more of my thoughts on redefining face to face communication:


3 years, 1 month ago on “Death Of Distance” – Social Media and Collaboration


I think for any social media effort to be sustainable, it requires formal support to provide resources and direction. I wrote in this blog post that I think social media, a consumer technology, may well be started as grassroots movements by individuals but to thrive in organizations, there has to be business value tied to the effort. -

3 years, 3 months ago on Social Media Success May Depend on HR