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I'm using the software for over 2 years and recovered over 90% of deleted files and folders intact. Glad to see this on your blog.

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Photos stored on the digital camera could be great value and throws huge loss to someone. I don't think giving freeware a single chance to recover pictures as it involves risk of overwritting your photos permanently after which, no software could able to recover it. 

Professional photo recovery software like one from Stellar Phoenix is a trustworthy and helpful program that will runs in read only mode and recover files or photos as it was before deletion.

Like the article and way you're presenting software info. Keep it going. 


1 year, 9 months ago on How To Recover Deleted Photos & Videos From A Digital Camera


Bad hard drive sectors could make it inaccessible by the BIOS and thus, makes it non recognized by any modern recovery software. I'm not quite agree with the statements you've made above like data from mechanically failing hard drive can be recovered using hard drive data recovery software.  You'll need to hand over it to data recovery pros to go though class 100 clean room to recover data from it.


However, hard drive data recovery software like stellar phoenix can able to recover data from logically failing hard drive or if the drive is still showing under disk management regardless it's status showing RAW.



2 years, 1 month ago on Windows File Recovery Software – Its Need In Case Of Sector Freckling


Enterprise has better options to store their data using cloud computing, but certain type of disasters are unavoidable. You can't left those points behind because putting all your eggs in one basket could lead you in trouble.

Data Recovery from such type of situations become the most popular way for small & big size business.


Thanks Balaji for introducing us about such a nice option!!


3 years ago on Creating Your Cloud Based Backup And Data Recovery Strategy



Man what a trick,... this could lot more beneficial and can saves life of many person...

Normall in these situation, we have to format our system or have to use any third party windows password recovery software...But this tips could be lot more easier than any other..i will surely going to try it atleast once and if successful then share it with my friends and collegues.

Thanks Again.


3 years, 3 months ago on I Forgot My Windows Password ! How to Recover a Windows Password You've Lost