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how many championship teams did those players produce? the closest we got was with the '02 team, but that was because kidd slapped his wife around and phoenix jettisoned him to us. yet another way "luck" is a part of it all.

3 years ago on Why I'm Quitting Superstars.


is it me or does lopez have the most awkward game down low... ever? did you catch those two weird quick shots he attempted, one over his back and one strange flick? @Sammyfein is right. he needs to get down in the post -- no farther away than ten feet -- and work his way to the rim. yes he has nice touch, but save those 15 to 20 footers for either a last ditch effort or a rare change of pace. man, i don't know what's worse; watching lopez play or d12 shoot free throws.

3 years, 1 month ago on Net Worth: Bucks 92, Nets 85


as great as howard is as a defensive force down low, the last price i heard is way too high to get him -- lopez, brooks, hump, ocur (whatever) and 4 first round picks. i mean seriously, the guy has no go to move and is an offensive liability at the end of games. yes, he's the bill russell of our era defensively, but what exactly has he won? we're going to trade a 20ppg center who shoots 80%+ at the line and has the potential to be a better than decent defender/rebounder/shot blocker, a vaunted rookie two who might be a diamond in the rough and a 10ppg/10rb four as well as FOUR first round picks... AND take back a number of garbage players/contracts?

i hope billy and deron are truly as tight as they say because the best option for THE TEAM is to wait until the offseason and sign him straight up. losing that guaranteed extra year to a superstar like howard doesn't mean much. he's on another stratosphere re: endorsements. if howard wants the nets, he'll let them know that he won't sign an extension with another squad if he's traded. doesn't seem like too much of a gamble.

3 years, 2 months ago on Broussard: Do it now, Dwight


@SadNetsFan if we could swap morrow for a more balanced three -- a young prince type -- we'd be much better off. morrow can't stop a nose bleed.

3 years, 2 months ago on Rob Mahoney breaks down MarShon Brooks


i've been a nets fan for 31 of my 41 years on this planet. aside from coming up in montclair, nj, i've no idea why. i just missed the dr. j era, forming my basketball synapsis around a nets squad that featured birdsong, gminski, williams, o'koren, michael ray and darwin cook. yes, i do remember cook. i agree with devin -- nets fans might be few and far between, all fans for some odd reason, but we're loyal. just wait until the bandwagon gets full in BK, when being a nets fan becomes the next hotness. ewing really shouldn't be giving such advice in public.

the funniest thing about the whole nets/knicks thing is that we're the last squad to have won a championship! the knicks blow once again with overrated talent and are now cap strapped for years. congrats!

3 years, 3 months ago on An open letter to Patrick Ewing