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@gravey94 ur correct abt Brassard being dealt, however Hags is not a cap eater and won't be dealt. Yes, there will be an additional player besides'll be Klein. The Rangers have Moore, Allan, McIlrath and Kostka  to fill out their defense.  And that does not include Diaz, who still may be re-signed.

The center I'd like to see  is Patric Marleau, who I believe SJ is willing to deal.

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Kevin, lots of good points being made by readers comments.

One point that hasn't been made about the roster so far is that it's the roster as of July 19. What happens with RFA's will determine future moves by Sather.

I believe there are more moves to come.  A lot will depend on the Brassard contract as to the kind of moves...if Sather feels Brassard's award is to high he may sign and trade him.  All of the new UFA contracts, except Moore and Glass are for all practical purposes interchangeable.

A word to the wise for the RFA's.. play ball with Slats on RFA contract and you'll eventually get what you want. Play hardball and sooner or later you're gone.

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@cb1 @Bring back Langdon @upstate tom 

Now you've hit the nail on the head with ur Nash comment.

Unless we're getting a front line center, ..they've got to move Nash,

SLats/AV: Haggerty with Zucc  & Brass  u heard it here first.

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I totally agree with you Robert.  In addition, I would add,  the Rangers have an awful habit iof

not recognizing a players true ability when it's staring at them.

BTW, Kovalev got the first goal of that game and laid a beautiful drop-pass on Messiers stick

for Messiers first of  three in that game.

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Don't believe everything  that Larry Brooks says. Dominic Moore will be a NY Ranger 2914-15 season.

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Kevin, schedule beginnings aside, have the Rangers qualified their RFA's. Don't remember reading anything about it anywhere. Did I miss this?????

I may be wrong, I don't believe the Rangers  will be able to re-sign Boyle. Dominic Moore will be back. Some possible 4th line replacements...Konopka, Tootoo, Komarov, Winnik. for starters.

My feeling is that if the Rangers cannot get a Thornton, Marleau, etc to play with Rick Nash then they ought to deal him.

What say you, my friend.

BTW, this is my favorite Ranger site

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Very good article, Adam and the comments were excellent, too.

I believe only one of the aforementioned comments made reference to Nash, who the Rangers really need to move. If they cannot convince him to waive his NMC the Rangers will face severe cap restraints.

At this point the Sharks look kike they would be  the Rangers best trading partners. A lot is going to go down in the next two weeks or so.

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Kevin: Don't know if you received an email I sent abt half an hour ago,

but the problem  with ads, especially on the left hand side, overlapping/obscuring the story copy has gone away.  Go figure.

You asked abt the browser. I use Aol through Windows Internet Exlorer.

I' m hoping this is the end of the problem as your site is  my favorite Ranger site.

2 years ago on New Lines for Islanders Game?; Nothing New on Staal




2 years ago on New Lines for Islanders Game?; Nothing New on Staal


scrangersfan...I'm with you on that one...I don't think Torts has a clue.  I hear tonight he's going to put Stepan on the point.

What is going through his mind....Richard, Nash,Gabby, Stepan at the have to be kdding me. Tell me since Richards has been a ranger how many goals has he scored from the point.

The aforementioned players have to be down low.  BTW, when was the last time you saw a Ranger go straight toward the net.

Have you watched our opponents lately....straight to the net.

The rangers have one (non-cap hit) buyout left...either at the end of this season or the end o f2013-2014.  Unless Richards makes a major turn around he's gone.

The only real decision is whetherGabby is traded at this seasons trade dedline, at the draft or during the summer.

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Rumor has it that the LA Kings are interested in Gaborik, but would need the Rangers to take back about $3+ Million in salary from LA.    If that is the case, then I'd like to see

the Rangers pry Dustin Brown from LA.  Both playerrs contracts end at the same time.


More than likely the Kings will try and move Dustin Penneri instead. 

However,  between the 2 Dustin's I'd like Brown.  He's another Ryan Callahan, is gritty, has scored half of  his 11 goals on the PP. What do you think?

2 years, 1 month ago on What's So Great About Ryane Clowe?


While i didn't post any comments here on this or any other site Re chatting with fruiends off-line i did suggest  what i called  a penalty tax (a/k/a a luxury tax.).  The agreement could have the same type of minimum and maximums....say $48Mill as min. and $72Mill as max.  A dollar for dollar tax

could be imposed on teams that went over, which would go to into a pool

to be divided by a formula TBD to either fiscally challengewd or small market teams.

A 50/50 share btwn players and league seems fair in that both need each other.

Also teams should be allowed to send money along to a trading partner, which

doesn't happen under the existing CBA.

The 3 yr ELC would be retained a maximum length of 5 yrs on any contract and when (age)  free agency kicks-in seem  fair to all.

So what do you think?

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One great game a season doth not make.  If there were any way of Slats trading him or buying him out. I'd do it in a heartbeat.   I'd rather have Sykora and

Dominic Moore....

Moore is a g real hard-jnosed player, good face-off man and at shootouts. Moreover, he can play at any forward position.

I believe Sykora scored 14 goals with the Devils this past season and is also good at shootouts.

Tortorella needs a flexible lineup this coming season.  While i would love to see the kids make the team , let's not get ahead of ourselves.

2 years, 8 months ago on Mike Rupp Discusses His Knee Injury | August


Of course, was just joking about the crystal ball business, like you I'm a GM in waiting.  Maybe we should become partners...Actually came up with those players during the SC playoffs and then told friends this is what i thought would go down. I also posted  my proposed  Nash  trade ideas on EKLUND and lots of the replies were it will never happen. Like that old song goes 'whose got the last laugh now'.

It's back to the ball to put my Bobby Ryan cap on.


2 years, 9 months ago on Nash Traded to Rangers | July


In an email to Adam  a little over a week or so ago, I asked him what he thought of Dubi, Anisimov, Erixon or MDZ, a !st Rounder and possibly Borque going to the CBJ's for Nash ...his reply was he thought it was reasonable trade.  Just want all of you to know I'm not in the crystal ball business, however I called this one almost perfectly.

2 years, 9 months ago on Nash Traded to Rangers | July


With reference to Tortoralla's departure if Slats were to  sign Semin, my answer would be Slats sign Semin.


Do you know how many shots the LA Kings bocked in the 2nd Period of the SC final ; zip, zero, nada...the Devils blocked nine. Blocjked shots are no panacea.;

BTW, when the puck is in the Ranger defensive zone why do the Ranger forwards drop back towardsthe net giving opposition point men to do what they want....blocked shots that injure are more likely to happen under that scenario than if forwards play the opposition d-men tight.


No matter what zone the puck  was in the LA players were in position, yes all this without a ranting, line tinkering coach  The only time i saw

coach Sutter's lips move were late in the 3rd period after a penalty call..


There are 30 coaches and 30 GM's in the NHL and all of them  wanr to win.

Why is Torts the only coach noted for his brief, snarky, pouty post-game interviews..  Why the constant line tinkering; is Tortorella an insecure, self-esteem challenged man..


So yes Slats sign Semin

2 years, 9 months ago on NHL Free Agency: Doan, Semin & Kane Updates | July


The re-signing of MDZ does  not preclude his being included in a future deal.

Yes, it's a positive sign for him, but nothing is etched in stone in this world..

2 years, 9 months ago on Rangers Working on Multi-Year Deal With Del Zotto; Nash Nonsense & More | July