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I have been assuming that they would go for a NT, CB or SS, but at this point, the team has needs everywhere except QB and ILB, so I would hope they would go with the old Bill Polian best player available.  I think we can upgrade DT and OL in free agency - those are positions that don't command a premium on the open market.


How bad does it suck not to have that 2nd rounder now?  That trade was a disaster.

2 years, 6 months ago on All-22 Analysis - Evaluating the Colts Defense, Week 6. | October


That must be the most poorly researched article I have ever seen. The Colts' biggest problem is the salary cap, and that should be able to be worked out.

3 years, 2 months ago on La Canfora: Colts not even close | Articles


Nate, great article as always. But I have one problem: "The bad news for Colts fans is that there are not many good candidates out there."

Really? There are not many good candidates out there? How would we know that? Why is everyone equating a big name with good candidate?

Is a big name candidate really what this team needs? Gruden, Cowher, etc, have proven (through inaction) that they don't have the fire in their belly to give the job what it requires any more. This is a 24/7 job. If they had the desire to do it, they would have taken a position by now.

Your choices are a coach who has been fired somewhere else or a coach who hasn't yet gotten a chance. I'll take the guy who hasn't gotten a chance yet (probably not a big name). And there are lots of guys out there who haven't yet had a chance.

The Colts don't need a flashy name. They need an effective, energetic leader who has a burning desire to win. And they need really solid coordinators. Can you imagine Zimmer as head coach with Spags as D Coord? Think that would be an upgrade from Caldwell/Coyer? I sure as hell do.

I know the guys from the Star have been mocking Grigson's press conferences, but one thing comes through from those: the guy is super competitive and he wants to win. That's why Caldwell wasn't going to work - a fundamental difference in personality. The Colts are going to get somebody who oozes energy and is going to play to win, which is exactly what they need.

No more "playing not to lose": something we should all want to get behind.

3 years, 3 months ago on Change is Hard | January