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Since getting to Alabama, we've seen Bama's APR and graduation rates rise every single year.  So is Saban an academic cheat or an academic proponent?  All I can go by is what I see in the newspapers and the NCAA reports about the past 6 years at Alabama.The loophole in the textbook distribution system for Alabama Athletes had been going on for a couple YEARS prior to Saban (and mostly by Track athletes).  But when it was discovered by the Athletic department in the fall of 2007, it was immediately self reported.  It was a problem that started way before Saban at Alabama but largely discovered and cleaned up by Saban's administration.Just because someone who held a grudge at LSU is  saying something now doesn't mean there are new questions.  It's already been debated and ruled on.  No new questions can be answered that haven't already been addressed. 

2 years ago on USA Today Digs Into Emmert, Digs Up Issues For LSU, Saban


"So is Nick Saban, who will have to answers about this situation and how it might pertain to his current program at Alabama."

No, no he won't.  Just b/c someone from the past decides to regurgitate a very old story that's been settled for years, doesn't mean anyone has to answer new questions.  That's like reading an article from a newspaper in the mid-90s saying, "boy this Clinton fella has some new questions to answer."  Well, no he doesn't.  It's long been debated and settled.  You're telling ghost stories at this point.Saban was actually responsible for cleaning up LSU sports academically.  He was single-handedly responsible for their academic center...according to the story, the problem was cleaned up, a new academics center was built, supervision of athete's academics was tightened up, and graduation rates for football players all rose while Saban was the HC.


2 years ago on USA Today Digs Into Emmert, Digs Up Issues For LSU, Saban


Vast organizations like Universities have rules and procedures and they have to follow them to the letter of the law, or risk lawsuits.  Delays such as these are always due to making certain you're doing things the right way, to the letter of the law so as to not risk any needless lawsuits or other legal ramifications.

2 years, 2 months ago on Bama Student On Beating Victim: “He Had Clearly Been Badly Beaten”


Let's just say, John, I'm glad you're not a judge, a police officer, President of the United States, a doctor, a therapist or anyone of consequence in power. Knee-jerk reactions are for fans, which is exactly what you are...a fan, albeit one with a Clay Travis.  And we all know what kind of person he is.


I'm sure you were probably right there along with Al Sharpton calling for the Duke Lacrosse players' heads after that person accused them of rape, and was eventually proven false.


 People in authority don't have the luxury of your fandom and your knee-jerk, emotional decisions.  A judge, President, police officer or in this case school/athletic dept. administrators must be precise, efficient with their decisions.  Sometimes it tkes time.  In this fast-food society we live in, we want instant-gratification, but most of the time the world doesn't work like that.  Even though you get your double-whopper with cheese in under 5-minutes doesn't mean everything in our society works with the same swiftness you crave.

 Knee-jerk decisions can often be the wrong one.  You must gather information and check and re-check.  At least that's what they teach you in journalism school about sources


And please stop with this made up combativeness between Bama fans and the least on this story.  I live in Alabama and I'm an alumnus of UA, and to a man...every single Bama fan and supporter wants these guys gone.  No one is defending them. So stop trying to portray something that isn't there.  It's cheap and very disappointing for you.


This could, and to certain degrees, has happened at other schools.  No, the actions of a 4 guys who have gone to Alabama for less than a year do not represent the 32,000 students and over 100,000 living alumni of Alabama, nor does it represent the 4.8 million people who live in the state of Alabama.  So stop trying to make that connection.

2 years, 2 months ago on Bama Student On Beating Victim: “He Had Clearly Been Badly Beaten”


Wow!   "Overreaction" is the theme of this article.


Stop being such a drama queen, SEC.

2 years, 10 months ago on Slive Speaks: Football Rivalries Saved, Basketball Rivalries Dumped


Isn't this the meeting where the Commissioner distributes the checks to the ADs from the previous year's tv contracts & etc.?

Since the contract was backloaded, the money has been increasing every year.  I think it was around $19million, was it not?


Wonder what the number will be this year.

2 years, 11 months ago on What To Expect At The SEC's Spring Meetings



Also, why identify him as "Alabama fan?"

Is that the most important thing?

Why not:

"White Guy assaults..."

"Accountant assaults..."

I hear he's from the Florida panhandle, so why not

"Native Floridian assaults..."

If he's a Christian...

"Christian assaults..."

If he likes Pizza as his favorite food...

"Pizza lover assaults..."

If he likes to listen to Clay Aiken...

"Clay Aiken lover assaults..."

But then again, using your logic, all white accountants from Florida who are Christians that like to eat pizza and listen to Clay Aiken should ALL be embarrassed by their fellow man.

3 years, 3 months ago on SEC Headlines - 1/17/12



Picked up nationally? Besides a small AP story (which is only picked up regionally many times, depending on the story), it was only picked up in local newspapers.

I must have missed it on CNN, ESPN, FoxNews, USAToday, NBCNews, CBSNews.

And no...the University President is NOT embarrassed about this. Why would he?

Again, some random guy wearing a red shirt who is not officially associated with the university /= university being embarassed.

You know, I saw Snooki on MTV doing some highly questionale, disgusting things on MTV the other day...she was wearing a LA Lakers Jersey.

Should the Lakers be embarrassed? Should Kobe? Should the city of Los Angeles?

She was also wearing Nike tennis shoes with the big check on them. Should Nike feel embarrassed? Are they officially associated with Snooki.

Penn St. scandal = real scandal b/c it happened within the walls of the institution and university employees condoned it.

Drunk guy wearing a red shirt doing stupid stuff that they do on Bourbon street = Nothing to do with the University, the football team, Alabama fans.

Someone's from another planet alright.

Unplug the interenet one night and get some fresh air.

3 years, 3 months ago on SEC Headlines - 1/17/12


Bama Fan Attacked by LSU Fan and now his jaw is wired shut for 6 weeks.

Now, should LSU fans feel embarrassment for the actions of 1 random person who happens to wear purple and gold?

Should their university?

3 years, 3 months ago on SEC Headlines - 1/17/12


From Article

"There were shoulder to shoulder people. So we kind of came across two LSU fans who were walking in the opposite direction," said Harris. "One of them spoke, and it wasn't loud or mean or anything and then my father-in-law responded, 'well at least we kept it in the SEC,' it wasn't meant in a deragatory fashion at all and really didn't have that tone in his voice. The out of the blue the LSU fan just decked him...hit him right in the jaw. And then we turned around to check on him, and then as soon as we turned back around, I mean this all happened in a split second, then they were gone."

"Both sides of his jaw are broken. They only had to plate one side. He will be wired completely shut for 6 weeks. He's in a good deal of pain right now, but doing well. It's been an emotional roller coaster. I've been happy that he's still alive, sad that someone would do this to such a good man, angry and ready to find out who did this."

The family says they weren't the only ones to encounter violence in New Orleans after the BCS National Championship Game. Their surgeon's daughter got robbed at gunpoint, and their co-worker's nephew got stabbed that night."

3 years, 3 months ago on SEC Headlines - 1/17/12



First of all, I'm a recent Alabama graduate. Why should I or the university be embarrassed of some random guy that none of us know who just so happens to root for the same team I do. That has to be the stupidest correlation I've heard in my life. Why make hasty generalizations about an entire fanbase based on one random guy who happens to be in a crimson shirt. I don't know him. He has nothing to do with me or my university that I graduated from.

This is a scene played out at frat houses across the country. Also, this is Bourbon probably wasn't even the 758th worst thing that happened there...that night.

We're talking about a place where women flash their breasts for beads...we're talking about drunk idiots. This feigned outrage is as disgusting as the video...which IS disgusting.

Secondly, where is your outrage about this??? ---> 

3 years, 3 months ago on SEC Headlines - 1/17/12