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Our country (USA) is done. We have become worse than any declared communist country, because we as a nation have denouced and gone to war to stop these very things. Now we as a nation have allowed corporations, and big banks, protected by the federal reserve, to enslave us. We have become hypocrites, by allowing them to govern rather than we the people. There is no longer a people who have the courage to take a stand against this terroiny. Apathetic and powerless we all are. 

3 years, 1 month ago on State and Local Resistance to NDAA is Growing


I think we all need to pay attention to the voting in this country. There is no way Ron Paul finished 4th in South Carolina. It is not because he has fervent supporters. The numbers just do not add up. Plus South Carolina, had 160,000 more votes than expected, on a rainy Tornado warning day. Come on !!

Yes Ron Paul you have had many opurtunities to blast your rivals at the debate. You could have easily called out Rick Santorum on his war-mongering. Kill em all Rick kill em all. Or when Newt slammed Jon King Paul could have said yes and I was asked on national tv if I was having sex with Rick Perry. Why are you holding back. What are you candidates going to do when our dollar is not accepted around the world. You have so many supporters Paul that would die for you, and your message. Please blast them at the debates, do not hold back then you can explain. Most Americans do not have a long attention span, and five or six one liners that hit at the heart, would not hurt. It is your only chance. Ask Romney about his taxes. It is not the percentage he is taxed, but what country does he keep his money . (the media is protecting him and trying to have us focus on this ) Hey Romney you do not believe in the country enough to invest in it. Yes I know it is easy to be critical, and who am I, Please show your supporters, and American people you are ready to fight. Campaigning must be grueling, and hard , but you have me, and all I will do until I die.

3 years, 3 months ago on Welcome to Florida, Ron Paul!


I do not want to cry voter fraud, but this South Carolina Primary election makes no sense at all. Romney, and Obama, and Gingrich are all supported by big banks. In Fact Goldman Sachs is the number one supporter of both Romney, and Obama. What is going to happen when (not if ) or economy collapses, and we enter ww3, with our military broke, and so spread out. Will these big banks bail us out , or rather will they take OUR money, and there few elite establishment to another country like Israel. Sweden, Germany. Corporations are not people. The media wants you to believe that Romney's tax issue is the % of his tax. The real question is where is he keeping his money what country. He can move we cant. Ron Paul's special interest is WE THE PEOPLE, and is reflected in his donations, and grass roots support. NADA= NO LAWYER SOPA= NO WAY TO PROTEST. We must then have to depend on the established media, and we can clearly see how they are. Join the fight vote RON PAUL!!

3 years, 3 months ago on Ron Paul Comments on 4th Place Finish in South Carolina


They are saying that Ron Paul is just a cause. I would rather have someone with a cause, than a president without a clue, and someone who only protects there special interests. The number one supporter on both Romney, and Obama is Goldman Sachs. The number one special interest of Ron Paul is WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The way it was, and the way it will be again.

3 years, 3 months ago on Ron Paul 2016