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If the US is serious about dealing with ISIS, it needs to deal with the contradictions in its policies. On the one hand, it cozies up to the Gulf dictatorships, Saudi Arabia in the first place, which are the source of the financial and political support of right wing Islamic movements like ISIS. On the other hand, it has made enemies of its natural allies against ISIS, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Furthermore, the US insists on organizing its own "coalition" rather than going to the UNSC, because the main part of its agenda is to destroy the government of Syria, and the UN would never go along with that program.

So we are here witnessing the early stage of another foreign policy debacle for the USA.

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 @Xenophon  @schneibster

 Oh, but the imperialists have learned manners. While they plunder other people's wealth and impose dictators, they never use the "N" word or make fried chicken or watermelon jokes. Meanwhile the clueless Chinese make one faux pas after another as they make mutually beneficial deals which result in real gains for real Africans.

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 @Nikolay Ru

 They're not stupid. Their axioms are simply wrong. They have  been telling the world that  2+2=6 and have built a their political mathematics accordingly. So their conclusions make sense to them, even thought most of the world sees the fatal flaw in their calculations.

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The truth is that every US president since FDR has been guilty of war crimes. Even FDR for the unnecessary firebombing of cities in WWII.

3 years, 3 months ago on Obama and Santorum: Two Peas in a War Pod