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I have a question for you all and a couple of foods for thought.  Just what clause in the Constitution for the united States of America gives any judiciary any power to interpret law or that names any Court the United States Supreme Court or the Supreme Court of the United States?


And, yes, the two named above are different.  The USSC is a municipal court for the District of Columbia, ten square miles that are NOT part of these States united but is foreign to the many states, while the SCOTUS is made up to appear to be the "one supreme Court" of Article III.


Now, if you study intensely, you will find that "court" is a process to determine justice - it is not a judge or judges.  Only the people can interpret law, and the law must say exactly what it means and mean exactly what it says or it is void for vagueness. 


Also, determine where any so-called government, whether federal, state or the local chartered corporations known as COUNTY OF ____ and CITY OF ____  has any law making authority upon the people,.  We are the sovereign, not the wannabe tyrants that fill all governing bodies politic.






All determinations in law must be by a jury of one's peers, not some black-robed - so to speak - tyrant that believes he is a law making authority. 


The determination by the one supreme Court is simply that if one's rights - and it only takes one man or woman's or child's rights to be violated - are violated.  if so, then the rule (the Law is the Declaration of Independence and based on God's laws) is unconstitutionally applied to the people.


This means any statute applied to the people is unconstitutional because none of the rules applied to the people have a victim.


Think about it and what the forefathers established as America.  We are a union of individual nation states with people that are under the law, meaning that our rights are anything we want to do so long as we do not interfere with the rights of others.  Rights cannot be legislated or voted away - they are inherent and inalienable.


And, that is the basis of the real America, with we people now suffering what must be called Gestapo America.


By the way, as with all judges/justices/magistrates, the judge is wrong.  The Rule of Law does exist - they (all those in government and all bodies politic) just ignore it for their own greed and lust for power.

2 years, 8 months ago on The Rule of Law Doesn't Exist in DC


The federal government has no authority to regulate between the states. "Among" originally meant in a group of objects, whatever. It did NOT mean "between". Dictionaries controlled by special interest groups have re-written the meanings from the founders' time.

Federal authority ends with the District of Columbia, territories, the island States of the United States (meaning the federal government's home - the District of Columbia), and bona fide federal enclaves in which the people forming the states ceded jurisdiction, such as ports, armories, and the like.

Everything the federal government does within and between states is based on fraud, extortion, and multiple other crimes, as each state (meaning the people) is a nation state in and of itself with the federal government given specified duties to protect our union of independent states and the inherent, unalienable rights of the people. hence, for example, the purpose of Article Vi that demands all state governments and all officials, whether of quasi governments created by the state government or of the state government obey the same limitations placed on the federal government that was organized by the Constitution FOR the united States of America. (Not OF, as that denotes the District of Columbia's corporate government.

3 years, 3 months ago on Not Everything is “Interstate Commerce”


Why do so many forget the fact that a military attack on another country murders hundreds of thousands of people, maims hundreds of thousands more, and destroys billions in private property, and is absolutely against all that is righteous. And, that is what our true law is based on, not what a bunch of dip stick politicians say.

3 years, 3 months ago on Obama and Santorum: Two Peas in a War Pod