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This year's Wizards team has one of the lowest collective basketball IQs I've ever seen. Flip wasn't fired, he was freed from the living hell that is getting Andray Blatche to stop taking 20 foot fadeaways and Jordan Crawford to wait for more than 10 seconds to tick off the shot clock before he fires up a 28 foot three. Grunfeld needs to go next (and should have gone first) for putting together this team, although I do give him credit for getting out from the contracts of Arenas, Jamison and Butler. That was his high point though; he has made certain decent individual transactions, but when his body of work is viewed as a whole in Washington there never was any cohesion or vision for the future (he lucked out in the Hinirich trade when Bibby decided he'd rather leave 6M on the table than deal with a season in Washington) . Why not amnesty Lewis in the offseason? His contract still counts towards the salary floor, and while odds are nobody is jumping to take Washington's FA money it at least guves them some trade flexibility. Why not throw some money at Reggie Williams or another somewhat capable SF in the offseason so Chris Singleton doesn't have to play 20+ mpg while trying to learn to play offense at an NBA level? Blatche, Crawford and Young need to be salvaged for what trade value they have left, and for the love of God please give John Wall a veteran to play with besides the corpses of Lewis and Roger Mason before he loses it.

There's still hope for McGee to be an upper-middle class Samuel Dalembert but it'll never happen with the current group around him. Singleton and Vesely might turn out to be decent pieces, and Booker and Seraphin might add up to one solid backup PF between them, but this team is in rough shape. I agree that Wittman isn't the long term answer as coach, but the personnel issues are much more pressing. Let Wittman collect his checks while Grunfeld, or hopefully someone more clued in, starts to comb through the dysfunction.

3 years, 3 months ago on We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank


Not terribly related to your point, but he traveled on that first game winner against the Wizards:

And the second one two games later:


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