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@petertclarke Hi Peter, and thanks for reading. It's a great idea to give still-usable items to people in need, and I'm glad you suggested those specific resources! I'll definitely look into them the next time I'm about to throw away a bag of seeming trash.

1 year, 3 months ago on Hoard No More: The Art of Throwing Stuff Away


 @davebrown9 Thanks, Dave, for these insightful comments. We've published a few articles on the relationship between Omega-3 fatty acid intake and depression if you want to check them out (Why Do I Need Omega-3 Fat? and Can Omega-3s Fight Depression?). It's definitely important to realize saturated fats aren't necessarily the only culprit behind depression, cardiovascular disease, and other health issues, so we appreciate all this research you've provided. We're always interested in learning more about the link between nutrition and all different aspects of health!

3 years ago on Is Food Depressing You?


Hey all. Do you ever pay more attention to your phone than to the people around you? Ever do it on purpose? (Bonus points for posting a comment from a mobile device and ignoring your friends.)

3 years, 2 months ago on News: Cell Phones May Make Us More Selfish, Study Says