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one of the many ways to promote oneself is through the use of social media and and search engine optimization to get realtime and offline traffic.

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Pinterest has been a hit since it came out and a lot of people involved with photography. I myself have my niche posted from there

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Great article! This is true! Maintaining your niche brand and standing behind your product combined with good feedbacks does help increase one's revenue. In the online world where not everyone is has the chance to get to know the direct owner in a personal level, it's necessary to make the brand reach out to the customers and make them feel that they are being taken cared and they can rely on the brand that they're looking in to. This is why i may add, that product reviews and customer feedback plays a very good role in the online industry. 

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Osteoporosis involves loss of bone substance and disorganization of bone structure. "Osteo" means bone and "porosis" means pores or passages. In osteoporosis the biochemical bony matrix is broken down and bony tissue itself is resorbed, creating "passageways" or holes in the affected bone. Metabolic factors involved in the process of osteoporosis include calcium levels and vitamin D levels, as well as the activity of bone cells - osteoblasts - which produce bone matrix.


As with everything else in the human body, if you don't use it, you'll lose it. Bone appears to be hard and durable, a finished product, but in fact bone tissue is highly dynamic. Bone is continually being built up in response to physiologic, weight-bearing stresses such as exercise. But bone is continually being broken down in response to metabolic needs elsewhere in the body. A dynamic tension exists between these two processes, and in osteoporosis the pendulum has swung to the side of breaking down bone tissue. The obvious consequences include weakening of bone's structural strength. Eventually, long bones such as the thigh bone or strategically located bones such as the lumbar vertebra have lost so much structural integrity that they break under pressure of previously normal weight-bearing loads.


Like the rest of the components of our bodies, our bones are a precious natural resource. Unlike gas or coal, our bones are a renewable resource. But we must pay attention to the need for these structures to renew themselves. If a bone isn't being used efficiently, higher-priority metabolic needs in other locations will cause important biochemicals to be taken out of the bone. The bone, such a thigh bone, will begin to lose its structure. The appropriate question is how can we ensure that our bones are being used efficiently. How can we ensure that our bones are in fact dynamic structures, rather than merely cages to protect our vital organs or coat racks on which to hang our muscles.


One of the main answers to these questions, which after all really are questions regarding how to achieve good health, is regular exercise.1,2,3Bones will retain their metabolic structure if they are required to do so. The body is very smart and locates precious resources where they are needed. If weight-bearing loads are consistently placed on your spine and long bones, these dynamic structures will not only retain their shape and strength but in fact will build more bony layers and become stronger. And of course, if we want to have a lifetime of vibrant, vital health, we want to have strong, healthy bones that will help us make it so.

2 years, 7 months ago on Osteoporosis Prevention: 7 Tips For Strong Bones


great article you have there!

It is reported that chiropractors who treat fibromyalgia with a focus on muscles, such as Morter Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) are more likely to be helpful in FIBROMYALGIA cases than the more active adjustment methods,

3 years, 3 months ago on Fibromyalgia - Natural Treatment Options, Part 2