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Good Job John. Tennessee wont fired Dooley if we has sub-par year. 1) Tennessee doesnt have the money in the budget: Here is why $5,000,000 - Dooley's buyout if he's terminated early $2,500,000 - new bargain bin HC (you're not gonna want this one either) $1,500,000 - buying out an assistant or two and hiring new ones + ---------- $9,000,000 - ballpark total cost to begin an overhaul of the football program. Plus the Athletic dept only took in 14 million dollars last year. IIRC.

2 years, 12 months ago on Part Three: A School-By-School Comparison Of The SEC’s NFL Pipelines


Dooley is not going to ban Social media. That will be the easy thing to do, but he wants his players to use it as a learning tool. 

3 years ago on UT's Rogers Says He Never Considered A Transfer


Kevin Steele might replace CLT. The guys at Volquest believe Steele will like to be a position coach at UT.

3 years, 3 months ago on Checkmate: Bama's Saban Takes Thompson Back From UT's Dooley