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@Neil Marsden OKCupid itself is just an online dating site. The problem is some of the people who sign up tend to have....issues. Especially men. I'm a guy myself, but I have female friends who say they get approached by all kinds of guys, including those who think of themselves as "God's Gift to Women", and those who have the audacity to say things like "To my future wife...", also, she wasn't pointing to the site directly, just to that "gum flapper" who uses it as some kind of barometer to support his twisted theories. The site is meant to be used for finding someone special.

5 months ago on Propaganda Ramping Up On Black Women Dating and Marrying Interracially


Forgive me, what does BWE stand for again?

3 years, 2 months ago on Announcement: My Un-Official Split with BWE


This is a very interesting site. You have some nice articles there, going through them now. I've currently nobody special in my life in that way, but I've been in love with all kinds of girls, some of them across the racial or cultural "gap." If my picture doesn't show it clearly enough, I'm a white man....although I do have some Latino blood in me, and possibly also some Black, from many, MANY generations ago (but I would not know), ditto for possibly having some South American Native blood in me.

And I enjoyed reading about the love you found in that other article!

3 years, 3 months ago on Video: A BB&W Primer for All the Newbies, Lurkers & Trolls