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Very well done.

Articles like these are what continues to keep CA as my only "must read" website for Colts.

More often than not, my "only read" as well.

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 @ECB Look in the archives. He was one of the first in this series. Maybe January?

3 years ago on The Clutch Enigma: Peyton Manning, Part II | April


I think they need to draft 2 WRs in this draft, plus at least one TE. Donnie Avery is no sure thing, and both Collie and White are free agents after this season. I could also see a RB in later rounds.

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Most definitely it would be the Jets for me. Growing up in New Jersey I have hatred forJets and drunkway Joe. I will never even draft any Jet on my fantasy team, no matter how good they may be. I also would dislike for Peyton to go to any AFC South team. Niners- I would LOVE that. I WANT to be able to root for Peyton, but never if it would hurt Colts chances in any way. So NFC teams would be bet obviously.

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I had an attachment to all the players. But, all 4 were very high salaries and not actually contributing lately. Might as well start all over and definitely now start the Luck era. I just hope they get at least a second round pick for Dwight. Even if they kept all of them I didn't see more than 6 wins maximum. Hopefully this bodes well for my playoffs in 2013 bet I made.

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 @trentdowney1 I def would love to see McClain signed. Also Miami's NT Soliai. I have hunch that Brackett a possible post June 1st cut to spread out cap hit over 2 seasons.


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For me, 4th qrtr w/in 7 is usually when the most pressure is on QB to perform. I am not the biggest fan of the old QB rating. I prefer ESPN's QBR which is much more detailed and reflective of QB's influence on plays/drives/points/etc. Great data and article. Look forward to seeing Peyton's, and maybe a comparative one with Luck and RG3.

3 years, 2 months ago on The Clutch Enigma: Tom Brady's Situational Stats | February


As far as your question about which is better: I asked myself that often. Growing up a Colt fan I remember crying when Dave Casper caught that damn TD in OT to knock out of playoffs. Little did I know that was last playoff fun until the Harbaugh run in 95. I do remember being so excited and living on every week the year of the Dickerson trade too. I will say the annual playoff losses with Peyton hurt much, much more than the years of figuring out what draft pick we would have. But, I still never took any week for granted. Always wanting home field advantage. I did not worry that the Colts would miss playoffs and that anything was possible once you got in. Peyton definitely has given me the most pride in being a Colt fan. But also the most heartache. Wouldn't trade any of it at all. Good or bad, Luck or Peyton, Im a Colts fan and love the NFL.

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In the year of the QB and passing records being annihilated, I am rooting for Ravens-Niners. Rooting hardest for Jim Harbaugh.

3 years, 3 months ago on Who would you rather see beat Brady @ the Superbowl? | Articles