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I'm a Bama fan so I cannot voice my opinion regarding last night's title game. That being said, in 2010 when Auburn and Cam Newton were playing for the title I was in fact rooting for the Tigers. I may not like them, but the simple fact is they are brothers 357 days a year as long as they are not playing against another SEC squad (356 if they make it to the SEC title game).

2 years, 3 months ago on Notre Dame AD on Bama: “They’re Better Than Everyone”


From a certain perspective Coach Saban's statement makes sense, and because of that the NCAA should probably conduct a study to determine if the idea is sound.


If they do find that an up-tempo style play results in a greater number of injuries (cramps withstanding) then they should do something to protect the players. My suggestion would be to guarantee the defense an opportunity to substitute players (should they choose) every 10th offensive play (excluding plays/downs resulting in penalties) of a drive. That way teams can still exploit any defensive player that is out of position when the ball is snapped while limiting the number of consecutive plays a defender is on the field.

2 years, 6 months ago on Bama’s Saban Says Up-Tempo Offenses Can Lead To Injuries On Defense


Not bad, but they should have made the traditional logo on the back a little smaller so the bulldog's face back. The mouth gets cut off and lost by the open face and face guard.

2 years, 6 months ago on MSU Goes Boise State With Huge Bulldog Heads On New Alternate Helmet


I understand and agree with the overall point of the above article; however, I love the billboard solely because it makes me laugh. Richardson can only talk because he won't be facing the entire first string Georgia defense this saturday. And as for Texas A&M I believe they have been on the wrongside of the NCAA once or twice (now if it is meant to be a shot at Florida players and the actual law...I understand that). But overall this just makes me more anxious for this Saturday of SEC football...rooting for the old Guard...Go Georgia and Florida...remind everyone why the SEC has been considered the best conference for the better part of the last decade.

2 years, 7 months ago on Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville



I thought the Big-10 and it's 12 teams played a 5-1-2 format?

2 years, 10 months ago on How The Five Major Conferences Handle Football Scheduling


Probably just paranoia on my part, but after reading articles 1-5 I can't help wondering why there isn't more mention out there about Saban indorsing a 6-1-2 format. That's not to take anything away from the fine folks who run this site. I know that has been posting the logic of the move for at least as long I have been visiting the site. But honestly none of these other school-based  sites ( being the exception) will quote Saban and his take on what the fans want? I'm willing to say conspiracy.

2 years, 10 months ago on SEC Meetings Headlines - 5/31/12


I can't remember exactly which site it was, I think it was on SBNation, but after recently reading one article in particular...I completely agree with you John about conference realignment needing to slow down.

The article suggested that this new Big-12/SEC champ-game may turn into a de facto semifinal game along with the Rose Bowl. On the surface I wouldn't have a problem with that; however that's only if you seed the teams rather than simply matching the SEC with Big-12 and the PAC-12 with B1G each and every year. Most reasonable people would agree that the SEC and Big-12 produce the strongest teams year in and year out (prior to expansion anyway); therefore setting those two champs at odds in the semis every year would be unfair.

I agree that super-conferences are on the way, but until we can establish a legitimate SEEDED playoff...I don't want to see the ACC break up and go the way of the Big East. Right now the ACC's semi-elevated status is the only thing preventing yet another fixed and unequal postseason in major college football (in my opinion least ways).

2 years, 11 months ago on Where Are Kennedy and Kruschev When We Need ‘Em? Is The SEC-Big 12 Pact Really “The Big One?”


Is it possible that the ACC got wind of this new SEC/Big-12 partnership ahead of time, and that this is the ultimate reason behind the ACC's sudden backing of a conference champion playoff model?

From my initial perspective nothing has really changed for FSU. Stick with an easier to win ACC, and guarantee yourself a playoff spot should the Conf Champ Model be adopted, or join either the SEC/Big-12 and risk not even playing in the new Rose Bowlesque like partnership.

Too me this just seems to be the more likely reason Slive and Swafford would suddenly disagree after standing beside each other for so long...Swafford feels slighted because instead of an ACC/SEC partnership Slive chose the Big-12.

2 years, 11 months ago on SEC And Big 12 Agree To New Bowl, But What Else Does It Mean? And For Whom?