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You must be older than me @martinwaxman I am just on the cusp of the Boomer gen. Born in 1965 so I could swing both ways.......but, you know, I have just a wee bit of disdain for the Boomer get set....nothing overtly serious but just what you spoke about. 

You're never too old to try something new.....or are you?

3 weeks ago on Social Media, Boomers, and Rock and Roll


It's all good. Live your life and share stuff when you can. You're simply rockin' another avenue at the moment. It's cool.

1 month ago on The Dark Side of Blogging


I’m sorry. I built community right here on this blog one-by-one, painstakingly, and for years." Well now, that's the thing many people are afraid of.......hard work.

1 month ago on Where Should You Build Community?


 Spain would be proud. Love this idea purely because it becomes that much more interactive. Always gotta think when I come ovah heah.

1 month ago on The Spin Sucks Inquisition is Coming!