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Come on Mr. beat up Miles for Jeremy Hill...DUI and a one game suspension?  And all you have to say is well he's got A&M so its ok...WOW

1 year, 7 months ago on One Alabama Defender Suspended, One Reinstated


How do you know it was the LSU Administration that had Jefferson suspended and Mathieu kicked off the team? You do not know and you should admit it.  Other than what you saw on-line or in a paper, you have absolutely no knowledge at all of what went on inside the walls of the LSU football program and how decisions were made as to Jefferson and Mathieu.  If you claim you do you are being less than truthful. Miles will do what is best for this young man and his football team.  If Hill does not play against TCU Miles made that call, no one else.  I hope Hill plays and rushes for 100+ yards. 

1 year, 7 months ago on LSU’s Hill Is “Moving Forward,” But Miles Is Catching Heat


I am always amazed that coaches would comment on what discipline another coach hands out; it is not his team or his players, so he really should be focused on his team and his players.  The only coach that can is Spurrier, but he had a lot of humor or sarcasm with it  And Gary is no Spurrier that's for sure. 

1 year, 7 months ago on TCU’s Patterson Calls Out LSU’s Miles For Allowing Hill To Play


It is not easy managing 90 young men who play a very violent sport.  Not all of them are choir boys; many are flat out mean.  Most coaches know the character of their team.  Miles knows his players and if he says the kid is not a bad kid, I believe him.  I am not ready to throw this kid away for the two offenses he has been charged with.  The first offense was something most 18 year old red-blooded males would have trouble walking away from regardless of the age of the girl.  The second offense showed a complete lack of judgment, something common among young adults.  Just as I did not throw my child away for offenses worse than this, I am glad that Jeremy Hill has another chance.  My child turned it around and is making progress.  Something tells me Hill will do the same.  Les Miles is a very good family man, a great father to his children, husband to his wife and coach to his players.  As an LSU grad I am glad he is our coach.       

1 year, 7 months ago on It’s Time For Schools, Coaches To Be Held Responsible For Repeat Offenders


You may think Miles comments are the dumbest thing suggested yet, but that process could not work any worse than the one we have now.  It would eliminate someone who graduated from the University of Alabama and began their work career at that university prior to working for the SEC from creating the SEC football schedules.  Not that I don't trust those fine folks working for the SEC in Birmingham, but I really don't.

1 year, 11 months ago on The Battle Over SEC Scheduling Heats Up… But There’s No Such Thing As A “Fair” Schedule


Too great a year to allow one brain fart ruin it - bad night for the Tigers, but they and Miles will be back.

3 years, 2 months ago on Miles Goes From Genius To Goof In One Night