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When did Florida complain about playing LSU every year? Can you point to actual quotes? In fact, I distinctly remember Muschamp opining that he like having LSU as a yearly opponent.

1 year, 11 months ago on LSU, Florida… Just Man Up And Stop Whining




I can buy cigars over the internet and have it delivered to my house. I cannot buy an weapon over the internet and have it delivered to my house.

2 years, 9 months ago on Allergy Medicine And Cigars Are Tougher To Get Than An Arsenal Of Weapons


Come on John. Admit it. You are jonesing for the  return of the leisure suit!

3 years ago on UK's Harrow Welcomes Signee Noel With A Fade


I think aside from winning two national titles, one of the biggest accomplishments by Meyer was proving that Florida was a brand, independent of any one coach. Florida badly needed for a coach not named Spurrier to win  conference and national titles.


Spurrier ceraitnly made those accomplishments possible by proving they could be done, but had Meyer (or some other coach) not come in and do the same thing, Florida fans would be forever hearing "Hey, Florida could only be successful under one coach."


3 years ago on Writer: Spurrier Is Still The Top Gator Over Meyer... And He's Right


 @MizSec1911  @MJWilliamson 


Indeed, John, indeed

3 years ago on Writer: Dollars Could Save Petrino


Folks, the President of the United States lied about having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate and got away with it. Why should a football coach be held to a higher standard?


3 years ago on Writer: Dollars Could Save Petrino


I think where most people thought Calipari would fall down was his recruitment of the "one-and-dones." The theory went like this; the guys he recruits are enormously talented but willl inevitably fall down during the rigours of the tounament due to lack of experience and/or huge egos.


Calipari has done a remarkable job imo of taking great talent, albeit young talent, and modling them into a hardworking, unselfish team.


Hat off to him and I write this as a rival

3 years ago on UK Makes The Cover Of SI, But Not In The Way Many Expected


 @John at MrSEC 


John, when you say


"All I said was that it doesn't "look too good" and that "it's another black eye" for the UF program."


right after claiming NOT to judge Muschamp, you  make a distinction without a difference.


You have already judged him, especially when you add


"Leonard was the ninth Gator arrested since Muschamp took over the UF program in January of last year."


Again, factually correct, but nowhere do you share how Muschamp handled those other eight cases (several players were dismissed from the team,) nor do you even bother to explore what the eventual outcome of those cases might have been.


John, I am not of the opinion that you favor one program over another.I have read you long enough to be pretty sure that is not the case. I have read you long enough to know that you have strong opinions about things, and sometimes you do not let the facts get in the way of those opinions.


In any case, I don't want to leave you with the opinion I don't like  your site. I appreciate your site a great deal, and love your mathematical analysis.






3 years ago on Battery Charges Filed Against UF's Leonard


I think I will let this whole thing play out before I judge whether Muschamp did the right thing or not. You should too, John

3 years ago on Battery Charges Filed Against UF's Leonard


Given that Pearl has lied before, then it does not stretch the imagination that he might have lied again.

3 years, 1 month ago on Did Ex-UT Coach Pearl Break Another Rule While In Knoxville? (Updated)


Only time will tell if Pease works out. That he studied under a brilliant offensive mind at Boise is no doubt. As Florida fan though, I am not crazy about his history that had him accepting and showing up for the IU job, only to resign a month later to return to Boise. I also am a bit concerned that it seems Petersen was still very much in control of the Boise offense and still even called the plays? If true, then how much of the Boise offense last year is due to Petersen and how much was due to Pease? Finally, if another SEC program picks up Kerwin Bell as OC, it will be interesting to compare his success with Pease.

3 years, 3 months ago on Pease Hire Official At UF; Ex-UK QB Tweets Warnings