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The Big 12 is a sinking ship. As long as Texas has its ego and there is an unequal revenue-sharing model, Clemson and FSU will not jump from the stable ACC.Four schools lefts because of this. Four others looked to leave to the PAC-12 (OU, OSU, KU and KSU) this fall.Unless something happens soon, the Big 12 will die. You should be hoping that Texas does not go independent once the LHN becomes established and starts making money. Texas doesn't like to share.

3 years, 2 months ago on Big 12 To Raid ACC? Clemson, FSU and ND Head The List | January


Point One is irrelevant and completely wrong. Since the 1992 expansion, there have been 6 rematches in the SEC Title game. The team to win the first time won again five of those times. The lone exception is LSU in 2001. It would seem, in the SEC for the last 20 years, that the rematch does not give an edge to the loser.

3 years, 3 months ago on Alabama Will Win A Close One, Here's Why...