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I wouldn't have been able to give track cycling a go without BikeNZ's Power to the Podium programme". I had seen track cycling on the TV but hadn't considered it a sport you can just rock up and try as it required specialised equipment." 

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"I did a few duathlons in my school years and was always strong on the bike, with good leg strength but I didn't ever consider cycling as I was so committed to rowing,'' she explains. 

1 year, 4 months ago on It’s Blackhawks vs. Red Wings As Conference Foes, One Last Time


An unlimited license permits you to act as general contractor without restriction as to the value of the project. You must also have $150,000 of working capital to apply for this license.

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Submit the General Contractors License application and supporting documents to the North Carolina Board for General Contractors. Applications must be received 30 days prior to any regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. The license fees for the various types of licenses are listed below:

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According to the North Carolina Code, you must have a General Contractors license to work on projects costing more than $30,000. If the cost of the project is less than $30,000 or if the building is the owner's personal residence, a license is not required.

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