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Section 2, saying that a state cannot be forced to adopt another state's definition for marriage, is redundant.  The Tenth Amendment already says that.Section 3 is claiming a power that's not granted to the federal government.  Authority to define marriage resides with the states.  The federal government needs to defer to the controlling state as to whether a marriage is valid.It's also an overreach in that control over immigration was also left to the states - - The Constitution delegates the power to create a uniform rule of naturalization to the federal government, but no power over immigration.

2 years, 2 months ago on Why is Gay Marriage Like a Dodge Durango?


 @shevmonster Thank you for the thoughtful feed-back.  I guess it's obvious from my first paragraph that I don't support DOMA, as there is no Constitutional authority for it.It seems to me that several of your points reinforce this article's conclusion, that we need to think about the question at a deeper level than the, "gay marriage: yes or no", sound-bite which is typically used by activists on both sides of the debate.

2 years, 3 months ago on Why is Gay Marriage Like a Dodge Durango?