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Love to hear about all the latest woman's specific cyclocross events going on! has a new national grassroots ladie's program aimed at helping introduce woman to the sport and providing extra support to our women athletes.  If interested in joining our "Sista Brigade" this season please drop us a line at team at  

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My (and many other cx'ers) opinion on the Natz issue:

Who says Natz has to be at the end of the season? Lets make it a REAL party. Split Elite and Masters/Juniors Natz races. Elites in Jan to fall in line with UCI, M/J's in November pre-Thanksgiving (same as the Canadians). All local series' will take that weekend off and Nats will become a big deal again. Continue to push races through the holidays but don't make Masters and Juniors have to train and compete through the holidays. There is little interest and it leads to burnout. Most CXers compete in other disciplines too (look at Wells this year, and he's pro) and we need some downtime in our long seasons. Nats in Nov will make it more weather conducive for athletes all around the country, not just those who are used to living and training in the colder climes. November weather can still be brutal for those diehards who want it: NW weather is still wet, NE and MW is already cold enough, but our Southern brothers will get a fair shake once in awhile. Also, you will have better competition since more people are on-form in November whereas many burnout by Dec/Jan. Those who want to race Worlds and on the Int'l scene are motivated enough to train through the Holidays if they feel so inclined, but Natz should be for the masses. Have some courage USAC, lets make Natz and CX fun again and put the focus back on grassroots.

Thanks for your thoughts, Peter, good luck at Nats and see you at Worlds.


3 years, 3 months ago on ’Cross Intel: Pete Webber Reports on Nationals Uncertainty