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Mitch, that's interesting to hear. It's a question I sent to John via email. In the Mid-Atlantic we likewise have fairly big numbers (we averaged 30 juniors per race over one 8 race series counting only the junior races, not the Under 10 races or the juniors that raced mixed in with the categories). And we have many very strong developing juniors who have come up from age 9.

I'm particularly intrigued by your approach in the Ohio Valley. And I know who they have mixed them in New England. We had a separate 15-18 race, but many of those boys also would double up in the Cat 4 or Cat 3 race. I always wonder how to have a "junior" race but at the same time deal with the fact that many of our 14-17 year old boys are competitive Cat 3s and Cat 2s. Basically, my son would do the junior race then the Cat 3 race an hour later. You also get into issues, as you note, of what gives them the best USAC ranking results.

3 years, 3 months ago on Just How Healthy is Junior Cyclocross in the US?