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"Once again you've put your keen analytical mind to the task and come up to the wrong conclusion" to paraphrase a movie. You can not look at that single goal against in the Phoenix game. You miss the 5-6 unbelievable saves down low both before and after that late 1st period goal. It could (some would argue should) have been 4 or 5-2 before the end of the 2nd had Jaro not stood on his head. Was the goal late in the 1st a softie? or just a really nice shot by a top echelon forward left to walk in alone on Jaro? we could argue that for days. I would say Jaro managed to save his rather porous defense some big dents to their collection +- ratings for the rest of the game, and that's all you can expect from any goalie. I say Nicely done Jaro, keep up the outstanding work and don't listen to reporters with too much time on their hands and not enough subject matter to fill their columns.

3 years, 3 months ago on Halak Enjoying Success, Strength of Opponents Questioned