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@MoKelly I agree. Bielema is a hypocrite. If you remember the 2010 season. Bielema put up 80 points on Indiana and was running up the score on his 'weaker' B1G opponents just to keep Wisconsin in the voters minds. So much for a 'gentleman's' agreement there Bret. The rest of the B1G sure tried to 'flip' Ohio State recruits this past year. Michigan flipped Kyle Kalis who was previously commited to Ohio State. The rest of the B1G needs to quit whining.

3 years, 2 months ago on Meyer Takes SEC Methods To Big Ten; Bielema Ticked


As an Ohio State fan, you're killing me John!! The truth hurts. I agree that the SEC is clearly dominant right now. I think the B1G had a 'big brother' attitude and thought their brand of football was king. The past 4 years or so has taught the B1G a BIG lesson. Ohio State realized that they had to change (didn't really have choice) so they hired Urban Meyer. Whether you like him or hate him, he knows what it takes to compete against the SEC. I think the main difference was the money. Ohio State opened up the coffeurs and are finally paying the assistant coaches. If Michigan follows suit with their $6 billion in endowments then things will change for the B1G. I happen to be a college football fan that likes it when Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Okahoma, Ohio State, Michigan, USC, etc are all really good. It makes for a great season. The SEC has done their part and I hope we (B1G) start doing our part.

3 years, 3 months ago on SEC-Big Ten Bowl Rivalry Turned During UF-OSU BCS Title Game