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A couple months ago I became suddenly and severely ill. My close friends were unavailable and so I took an Uber to urgent care. Not only did my black car show up in mere minutes, but also the driver went above and beyond his call of duty by helping me find the doctor’s home office I was looking for. This post reminds me of this particular occasion because it brings accessibility to the forefront of the conversation. A year prior to that awful night Uber would have been completely unreliable. I know this because I was a dedicated Uber fan then, too. Uber’s quality has always been unprecedented… their availability has not. Trial and error has seemed to do them well thus far on their path of innovation, as now availability is unprecedented as well. My two cents is that it’s important they maintain their consistency with these priorities (while staying dedicated to the driver’s best interest), and if they need to experiment with dynamic pricing to do so then so be it. It’s obvious why people would be angry about a price surge, but kudos for maintaining credibility and for being so transparent about the situation.

3 years, 3 months ago on Surge Pricing Followup