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Disagree with Trent missing cutbacks, at least as far as one case I've heard repeatedly, the play when they were inside the 20 and he was stopped for little or no gain, I'd have to look it up. On air Jim Sorgi said he missed a cutback and I've heard it mentioned several time since then. But the lane he was referring to just wasn't there, end zone view would have shown it I'm sure, LB and safety were flowing toward the lane and easily would have closed it. The other one I don't know about. I actually thought he looked pretty good, given what was available. We'll see in coming weeks.

And while Painter did suck, on the gif above the center snapped it early, similar to what Harrison did this past week. The Panthers INT was more illustrative of what we were dealing with that year.

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Not FN bad.

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There was a Cubs game in the early 90s that Bill Clinton was at and the camera showed him. 

Harry said "Arne (Harris the producer) says I mistook him for some bartender from Rockford, but I would never mistake him for a bartender from Rockford! Come on Arne, I CERTAINLY recognize the President of the United States!" 

Steve Stone chimes in, "not to mention all the bartenders in Rockford..."

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God our line sucked. I swear every throw Luck had in those highlights he was just about to get crushed but just managed to get the ball to Dwayne. Imagine how well those two might do if Luck had 2 or even 1.5 more seconds each throw.

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@hankster Speaking as one who's done 9 years of postgraduate education I can absolutely see where the TRich quote is coming from. Its quite possible to plod along for months and all the sudden, in a very short time, everything just comes together, it all makes sense, etc. That's the way it works for me anyway. That may have been what he was talking about, it seems so anyway. Of course its possible he was just saying the first thing that came into his head for the cameras. I guess I'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt too.

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Look at Landry on that Rams video, that says it all... the first Texans one wasn't much better. 

Hughes seems like a good NT or DT prospect, at least with his physical tools. Is anyone else concerned about the Colts' defensive coaching and their ability, or lack thereof, to get the most out of their players and system?

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Agree with this. How many times this year did we telegraph a run right up the middle for 1.5 yards? And then do it again? Those were really just wasted plays. Kind of like the fade to Fleener or Whalen we saw fairly often. That scheme, with the players we have, just leaves too many plays on the field. Not trying to simplify things too much, I mean, I get trying to "set up" something with a lame play call and the fact that incomplete fades look really bad and completions look really good, its just seems like the whole scheme is utterly uncreative and relies always on someone making an incredible play rather than the scheme using innovation, cleverness and deception to create mismatches that can be exploited even if you don't have an all-world offensive line and physical freaks in play-making positions. I know its easier said than done, but still its not impossible. Just sayin'.

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@Kyle Rodriguez@chip_bennett 

234 to 69 yards, not to mention the conversion rate, etc., that you mentioned makes it difficult to win, especially when you add in all the turnovers. But the question is, does our "philosophy" and "scheme" limit or promote our chance to win?

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Would love for Vontae, Brown and DHB to be back. Also the kickers.

Likely one of the kickers will be gone and one back, unless they decide to just start over (with bottom end contracts.) 

Also keeping DHB and Sergio would be good for special teams and emergency duties, but only if the price is right. They're good teammates and as Colts fans are seemingly forgetting, special teams are really important. (Remember all those years of simply blowing off special teams and the ridiculously bad position that put us in virtually every game?)

Donald Brown broke alot of tackles this year, and if used the right way can be very valuable, he's just not an every-down back. IF Bradshaw wants to give it another try, and IF the team thinks he can stay reasonably healthy (doubt it, myself) then DB will probably be gone. A backfield of Vick, DB and Richardson is likely, along with Boom for special teams and backup.

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I don't necessarily think so. I've run that play (as a receiver) many times, and if the blockers really are outside the first level defenders its often a matter of speed (which Rogers definitely has) and making one or two guys miss, which he can also do, and you're in the end zone. In the NFL you see TDs like that quite often. On the other hand, if one of those first level blocks goes bad, or the defenders do a good job with outside contain, it can look ugly, and look like "the guy should have followed his blockers" thing one hears so often. It's not that easy sometimes. Good job pointing out the bizarre decision of the pulling linemen though, speaking of not that easy!

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Given how good Watt is, and how bad the interior of our line is, I consider it a victory for A Luck to have walked off the field. 

They handled one of the best in the NFL with scheme! Amazing. Maybe the coaching staff is learning. Hopefully the passing game and defense can make similar strides, regarding scheme. I've felt the ability to come up with an effective game plan which takes away the opposing team's strength and accentuates ours has been one of the major reasons why we've been blown out several times and lost several games with very poor efforts this year. With our injured players returning, if the coaches can do anything like this level of scheme and game plan in the other areas of the game, our team will be VERY difficult to beat next year.

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What does Triplette being a vet have to do with anything??? Should we have some sympathy for the horrible job he regularly does because of this? 

"Andrew Luck in the first half: 10/20, 96 yds.  Certainly, no one should blame that all on the play calling."

-Many people are irritated with this offense not just because of the "play calling" its also the play DESIGN. This has been brought up elsewhere so I won't go into it, but that's the way it is.

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@TheGreatMisdirect @Fot Bollar  

Ahh, yes, amazingly I already forgot about losing Reggie, even though he may be the most or second most important offensive piece. After Reggie went down, we had beaten Denver and many in the Colts camp had us winning the SB and I wrote on Stampede Blue about how this may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Losing Thomas, Allen, Ballard, etc., and now Reggie. I actually thought we'd implode. (I was taken to the cross for that one. ALOT of stay-the-course types over there that can't see with their own eyes, but, oh well.) 

Then we managed to beat Houston and I thought, we'll, they looked like shit but they're just figuring things out. Maybe they'll figure it out, make adjustments. Now with St. Louis, a mostly bad game against Tenn, and now this... I'm afraid "WE ARE WHO I THOUGHT WE WERE!" (Done in the Dennis Green voice for comical effect.) P.S. I hope not.

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Rec for the Emperor Palpatine reference. And the magic came from Luck, he's bailed out poor coaching and a very bad O line for much of the season. When he doesn't play unconsciously amazing, which he has more than anyone has a right to expect, the result is what we see in our losses, and those bad halves. In other words, without Luck, the Colts are the Colts without Manning a few yrs ago, or the Jags. It doesn't mean they don't try or aren't good people, it's just that when Luck doesn't play brilliantly or they have some other QB, that's who they are.

Maybe I'm missing something but it sure looks like, without Luck, TY and Mathis, they suck. Other professional teams don't find it difficult to gameplan for three players, especially when they have a pretty good idea what those three players are going to do and how their scheme, such as it exists, works. Combination of mostly crummy players and mediocre to poor coaching and you get what you get.

We shouldn't forget that on those big Colts victories the stars pretty much aligned perfectly. Almost everything worked in the Colts favor from key turnovers to big calls to all kinds of unforeseen eventualities. Not that they weren't good wins, it's just that in a best of ten, I think the Colts would be hard pressed to win 3/10 over the Seahawks, Niners and Broncos. After those wins many of us started thinking the Colts were better than they actually were and the rebuilding process still has quite a ways to go.

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