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so let me get this straight. sather refused to negotiate in good faith with callahan until it was way late in the game, and then unceremoniously dumped him off in TB, yet callahan should refuse to sign with certain teams who may be willing to meet his asking price out of loyalty to his former employer? LOL, good one. 

fans who side with owners over players in salary negotiations just dont get it imo. anybody who hates callahan has either a very short memory or hasn't been a ranger fan very long. he was a great ranger, very few in this team's history played the way he did, but the business side got in the way of his continuing/ending his career in the blueshirt, so lets wish him the best and move on. this is the nature of modern day sports. 

whether you think he was "worth" his asking price or not (its arguable), if you wanna boo callahan you should probably be a devils fan anyway. that's their gig. 

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