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The Kings offensive rating (points per 100 possession) is horrid at 99.1 with Isaiah off the floor, vs. solid at 105 with him on the floor. Their defense also gets worse with him off the floor from 105 on the floor to 108.5 with Isaiah off the floor. Also, he gives up a PER of 14.8 (same 82games website), so your idea that Isaiah is a liability on defense doesn't make sense based on that logic. Yeah, he has his struggles, (like most point guards in this league due to the amount of offensive firepower aat the positition) but he's had some very impressive defensive performances against guards like John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Curry, and CP3 throughout his career.

Also Isaiah's got a higher PER than Lowry. Obviously Lowry deserves respect for winning, but you can't blame the losses on Isaiah. Also, when Gay, Cousins, and Isaiah, are all healthy the Kings record is much better, (like 19-21). Add in a stronger supporting cast, and this team has a bright future.

5 days, 18 hours ago on Sunday Musings: Can the Sacramento Kings afford to let Isaiah Thomas go?