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@DougEngland I like your analysis, but disagree with the assessment of TRich.  It is harder to find a back like TRich that can soften up defences than it is to find a DBrwon slash and dance back.  That's why he was drafted third overall.  The fact is he played in Cleveland, and was injured 3 games into his rookie year.  Also, this year its apparent that he has not been given any running room at all.  So I think its safe to say the jury is still out.  Was he worth the no. 1 pick the Colts traded for him?  No.  But that is not his fault, and its only true because running back was not the problem that needed addressed; the offensive line was.  Trent is a much better back than DBrown, but has not had much of a chance for success.  If Donald was the starter it would be just as bad if not worse.  He has had his chance and that's why he's not the starter.  Maurice Jones Drew had an awesome line to run behind, and now that he doesn't he doesn't look so good anymore. 

1 year, 5 months ago on Examining the Colts Mid-Season Struggles