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Evans was use to beating up on fan favorite jimmer and ball chucker thorton during practice when he was still with the kings. I bet he ran around soft thompson, too, knows that soft thompson cant move his feet. Thompson would of bounced off of evans. Easy night for evans. Not surprise at all.

1 year, 4 months ago on Tyreke Evans shines against Kings in Sacramento return


Just so the kings players should know, coach malone and GM pete are not getting fired. Both are hand picked by the kings owner(s). These guys are the right man for the job. Before people bash on coach, the great phil jackson could not make this team play D. Enough with free jimmer, the guy he is guarding is putting up 15-20 points and 6-8 assist. Kings would of lost by 40 every game if jimmer played big minutes. So jimmer fans just want coach to suddenly quit coaching, let the players run the show. History lesson, they did that for about 7 years, ever sense madoof family ran out rick aldeman, one of the best coach in the nba. If I could recall, people were upset with rick because he couldnt coach defense. Well, forget defense, he had a system that plug guys in like the spurs. They were successful. Rick was leading the kings to 50 wins for a few years straight. Webber was broken down, got traded and got 3 bums in return. Still got the kings to the playoff after webber left. They replaced him with guys like musselman, theus all the way to smart. 7 years of adopting bad habits and making losing a culture because of poor team management for the last years if the madoof era. Now team management isnt the problem, its the bad habit players. Its up to the players to change the kings franchise habits.

1 year, 4 months ago on Michael Malone tired of Sacramento Kings' inconsistency on defense


Thomas is a fine player off the bench, reminds me of young Bobby Jackson and Jason Terry, a change of pace on the game. His shot selection needs some adjustment but he can change that. The real problem is the bench, the slow and lazy relievers, Salmons and Thorton. The Starters play competitive in the first quarter, and when Salmons and Thorton comes in (with Thomas), offense and efficiency rate goes down. There's not enough balls to go around. Salmons and Thorton are lazy players, they have no energy when they don't touch the ball because both of them wants to shoot 15 times a game.  They never hustle or bring energy, no impact on the game until the Kings are down by 12 points in the 4th, then they have to play street ball for 4 minutes, run and jack up shots to cut the deficit. Street ball only works for about 5 minutes, not 48 minutes.  Vasquez suffers because of that.  Compared to Mac and Williams, who try to rim run for dunks/layups and hustle, they know the ball goes into DMC first, then they get their touch. Mac and Williams are the two most athletic players (besides Gerald Wallace) the kings ever had, just as exciting as Brian Skinners and Justin Williams blocking shot. Fans don't see that every game. They had more dunks and lobs against the Clippers in one game, more than the previous 7 years combine. Reminds me of the C-Webb era. Point is, limit the minutes of the slow and lazy, Salmons and Thorton, and let the young horses run and grow with Vasquez/Thomas.  Oh and skinny Thompson, he is what he is, another tall guy that wants to shoot 15 times a game but can't. Plays power forward but gets knock around by the other teams power players. Sad Jimmer, they got him to SELL TICKETS and invigorate the depleting fan base eff up due to the maloofs, that's all. The sooner Fredette, Salmons, Thorton and Thompson are gone from the team, the better. Those guys need a fresh start on a new team, they have bad habits from the previous management. I know Coach Malone and GM Pete knows that, too.

1 year, 4 months ago on CK Press Box Report: Golden State Warriors 115, Sacramento Kings 113


For Thorton, there's a difference in taking 17 bad shots compared to taking 12-13 good shots a game. Coach wants a nba offense, not just run and try to outscore everybody. They tried that in the past, its got them less than 30 wins a game, no defense. Besides, Thorton and Salmons must be the laziest players without the ball. Players that needs the ball in their hands. Both guys don't run on transition, that' why Vasquez is averaging low assist. He had runners and shooters (Davis always active) with the Hornets to pass the ball to. Thompson should watch how Jodran Hil of the Lakers play. Play D, provide energy, rebound, shoot the open 12-15 foot jump shot. Quit posting up and doing weak fade away.

For Ben and Thomas, I like them off the bench now. They provide good energy and scoring. Its up to Thorton and Salmons to figure out and play right as starers. DMC is playing great. He gets double/triple team, get frustrated because there are nobody in the staring lineup to make an outside shot. This is an audition year anyways, we can obviously see who will be on the team next year and who will go in the dog house. Keep DMC, Ben, Thomas, maybe Landry and Hayes as a veterans/professionals. Vasquez would be great with with players that are willing to run and shoot, with big men that runs the floor for dunks. Everybody else can go away.

1 year, 5 months ago on Poll: Who starts and who sits for the Sacramento Kings?