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This entire team has been improving, through better play and with additions of healed players. JPP is getting healthier and getting better and better each week. I would be very afraid to play this Giants team.

PS- the audio advertisements that pop on make it very tough to enjoy this website. The written content is great, however.

1 year, 5 months ago on JPP, Part 17


@ultimatenyg @Pataroons @CommanderShepard Thank you for the reply. 

One of my issues when I hear people clamoring for a high draft choice- Yes, a top 5 pick would be nice. But if they don't have a top pick, it's not like they don't have ANY pick. A lot of good players can be had at, say, pick 10 (around where the Giants currently stand). In any event, the joy I am getting from watching the Giants work their tails off, despite the poor start, it far outweighs the joy I would have by having a top draft choice. It's a loooong season, but it's not lost and I am grateful that I at least have something to root for and enjoy. I'm sure you agree.

1 year, 5 months ago on Snapshots on NFL's 32 Teams at Week 10


I have been coming to this site and enjoying it's content for years I do have a few gripes with this post. 

Last year, 'Wonder''s snapshot was spot on in a few ways. He mentioned Baltimore and San Fran as two of the best teams, and even mentioned Baltimore as a possibility to go to the Superbowl. 

I point this out so that my comment does not seem in jest. Seemingly, he is a smart football fan (even though he also roots for the Jets).

My gripe is that you guys refer to him as 'Wonder' and label him a 'savant'. He may well be, but I do not recall ever reading any of his qualifications. It would be helpful IMO, if we knew who this person was, what his background is in scouting/football etc. Apologies if I missed that post.

This comment is mostly a reaction to his claim that Giants fans should root for losses to get a better draft pick.This is plain wrong on a few levels- 

First, a fan 'rooting' for their team to lose is not exactly 'rooting' and is an oxymoron of being a fan.

Secondly, it is NOT good for the long term success of a team. Not only does success lead to more success (how many franchises have been pitiful year in and year out and cannot dig themselves out of the ditch because they can't attract free agents or good coaches, they can't attract fans, and their team identity and confidence is lacking).

Third (and perhaps the biggest head-scratcher), improved draft position guarantees very little. One of the best pieces this site has ever produced was 'The Draft Project'. This has been taking place after 'Wonder' came on board in late-2008. Perhaps I am missing something, but one of the things I have taken away from the project is that the value of a high draft choice is highly overrated.

Keep in mind- I only really comment when I have a gripe, so I am not trying to belittle the good work that is done here, and the excellent analysis 'Wonder' often provides. However, when I read things like "Giants fans are insane, should root for them to lose every game for a better draft choice", and "any opportunity to get rid of Tom and Killdrive is worth a lost season (moderator [above])" it makes me think that the contributions are coming from the run-of-the-mill uninformed fanatic, and not the well-imformed, insightful contributors I have come to know here at the site.

1 year, 5 months ago on Snapshots on NFL's 32 Teams at Week 10