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Sorry,  I am not seeing eye to eye on your QB assessment nor the order. I am really tired of the same old preceived concerns about Manziel.  He is not half the partier the media makes him out to be. 

What makes Manziel different as a QB is not his size which is what you wrote but his unique talent as a football player.  He is a player, all in, 100%.

I will be so happy next Fall when JM is on the field playing football and all the naysayers are eating their words.

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Eric,  what isn't that you don't like about Manziel?  I have read several articles by you and there is always the same undertone with regards to Manziel.

The question here is how do you evaluate a player who is different, who doen't fit the sterotypic QB?  If you can't do that then you will continue to struggle to see the value of what JM brings to a team's offense. 

I think what is also totally undervalued in many assessments I read is JM's ability to learn and grow his skill set from last year to this year.  He is a builder of skill set, he keeps layering a new technique or method onto what he already knows, he can assimilate and apply what he learns in a variety of situations.He is smart, quick,  and has dealt with naysayers all of his life. I don't see him falling later the 5 in the draft because there are too many teams that are afraid to miss out on what they think he can bring to a football team.  If the Texans are smart they will take him #1.

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