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I know cleveland was probably not stupid enough to do this deal, but has anyone been watching Josh Gordon and picturing that 1st round pick used for him instead of Trich? He made Aqib Talib look like a D3 college corner at times. I'm sure the Browns had some idea what they had but given the performances he's been having with no really good QB to speak of I shudder to think what he and Luck could do to the league. Knowing what we know now we could even have traded two 1st rounders for Gordon and I would still feel it was a good deal for the Colts. 

1 year, 4 months ago on Too Little, Too Late: Colts Fall to Bengals 42-28


@chip_bennett You could even argue that they came out looking a bit sluggish in the Jacksonville game. If I remember correctly Luck had a few missed throws including a pick and the Jags were up 3-0 after 1. They just stepped it up in the 2nd quarter rather than the 3rd or 4th that time. The rest of this comment is 100% my feelings; I'm considering just turning games on at halftime at this point when the Colts finally decide to show up. We will make the playoffs but if we can't stay ahead of Cincy for the 3 seed I don't see them beating whoever the 2nd place west team ends up being barring some major changes

1 year, 4 months ago on Monday Morning Moaner: Colts vs. Cardinals


@clholland83 Definitely just looked at the box score. Not much of a surprise there. He's been living in the backfield. 

1 year, 5 months ago on Eyes in the Backfield: Texans