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First time commenting here. Full disclosure - I am a BYU and Jimmer fan. But I have enjoyed following the Kings and players such as IT. I had to comment because I am embarrassed about the Jimmer comments I have read the past 2 plus years. To insinuate Jimmer has not seen time on the court for any reason other than ability is ridiculous. I think the obvious reasons are his below average defense, athleticism, ball handling and passing. He was excellent offensively in college and can be very good in the NBA but his lack of an overall NBA game combined with the emergence of IT and this seasons draft picks cemented his fate. Not some other bias. True Jimmer received little time on the court but he had hundreds of hours in practice to prove himself. He can still carve out a career as a solid backup in the right situation. Or he could be a starter overseas. He showed similar limitations at BYU. But his backcourt mate was probably the best defender BYU has had in years and the overall defensive scheme allowed Jimmer to do what he does well while masking his limitations. You don't mask those same limitations in the NBA outside of situational roles. I hope Jimmer lands in the right place. He can still average10 points per game and be a 45 percent shooter from distance. But if he never does more it is due to his lack of NBA skills - nothing more.

1 year, 5 months ago on Sacramento Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro explains Jimmer Fredette decision