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Thanks for this Nick. I was really displeased with this article as it made the social media rounds.  I've done 20,000 nautical and have seen a Sperm Whale breach, had 1,000s of dolphins surf the boat, A minke whale, a humpback, a pod of Blue Whales, squid, petrels, tuna, dorado, jacks, albatross, rainbow runners, myctophids, turtles, etc...   Sure, the baseline has shifted from threats to the ocean but Ivan's article isn't helpful---  it basically makes people retreat into even more isolated existences;  they give up on community and environment and focus on insulating the family unit from the horrors of the world.  The ocean isn't broken, humanity is-- and the threats we perceive aren't actually a threat to the ocean---they are threats to our own well being as humans, indeed, perhaps even our very existence.  Humans may kill themselves off by continuing this path of unlimited growth from finite resources, but the ocean will rebound and forget we ever walked the earth.  The meme of pieces like this need to focus on things that can save us and the work being done towards that end--  plastics policy, MPA's, etc..   


The goal is to work in harmony with the big blue before we kill ourselves not portray 70% of our world as broken.  The thinking towards it is what's broken.  



Dinosaur Jr.  

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Hope Over Fear: Ocean Is Bruised and Battered, But Not Broken