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@betweentheworlds Yea that is my take.  The Rangers either have to be against him playing on the big club and recognize he can they just don't want him to or at some point in the season say he isn't performing up to potential and therefore we are sending him back to Juniors.

To me he has shown if you put him with talent that is above him he plays up to that talent.  

To me you at least have to give him a shot and after X amount of games if he looks overmatched send him down,

To me after finding that out, if you give him a shot and it doesn't work out you KNOWW he wasn't ready. If send him down right away the UNKNOWN of what he could have done will haunt all of us and the Rangers.

For these reasons alone i think the Rangers have no choice but to keep him ESPECIALLY if they start out terrible without him.  If they start out terrible there is no call up Duclair, he is gone.

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So here is something to think about which I think we are all overlooking or at least I overlooked:

I looked into whether Duclair can be recalled if sent down. And the answer (correct me if I am wrong) is that once he is sent to Juniors, you cannot recall a player from there (unless emergency). Here was the quote from Pat Leonard in the daily news:

1. Duclair is 19 years old so he is not eligible to play in the AHL this season. If he is kept on the NHL roster, he cannot be sent back down to the Hartford Wolf Pack. He can only be sent back to his junior team. If he is sent to his junior team, whether during the preseason or the regular season, he most likely stays there for the rest of the season, because recalls from juniors are much more difficult – they may only be allowed to occur on an emergency basis, I believe.

So to me the Rangers must be absolutely 100% sure they don't want Duclair on the team for the remainder of the season. There is no second shot with him.

To me this almost works in Duclairs favor because who is going to sit here and say that Duclair has no shot at helping the Rangers this season.  So unless the Rangers are completely against him playing in the NHL this season and want him to continue to develop (which I don't think is the case especially with the Stephan injury), I think the Rangers have no choice but to keep him until they are certain that he is better served in Juniors.


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@FrankCerbone Valid Point

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@TomDundie  I don't disagree completely. I would like to shelter the kids a bite too. However you are going to have Lombadi who has played one game, looked rusty and is now injured and hasn't even gotten back on the ice yet start as our 4th line center. Where as you have duclair, who is arguably been our best player PERIOD in the preseason and your not even going to give him a shot??

I dont know, I just think you can't ignore what he has done and at let him play it out until he starts falling off the scoring wagon. 

I just like my chances alot better with Duclair than Lombardi. Like I said I think these lines make alot of sense





The bottom line is Lombardi is a depth player and Duke is a scorer.  With Malone and Glass in the lineup to look out for them i think its a good fit.

However, I would NOT play Duke on the third line. Top 6 or send him down. He should be playing with top talent to maximize his potential. 

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Opening Lineup: Really think this is how it shakes out





13th- Stemp

Regulars on D and in Goal

I think Hayes makes it because he has more upside and has been just as good as Mueller/Lindburg. But wouldn't be surprised if any three were there. Only thing is if AV plans to move Moore up to the third line center then i think Mueller/lindburg win the job.

I think as long as Malone comes back and has a solid 2 games I think he is in because of the power play previous chemistry and size and grit he brings.

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@Wallace1 Seriously. Its basically all our prospects against the Flyers Starting Lineup Day 1. So i guess you could say our AHL Team.

Hags Moore and Stemp I think are the only NHLers playing tonight. Klein only NHL Defensmen.

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It was a good one. Loved Glass kind of toying with him with the smile

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@BringBackBeukeboom Only problem is you have D Moore who is lets be honest a defensive minded center in between two offensive young guys. To me if they are on the team they need to be playing with an full offensive minded centermen/linemmates. 

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Lets try and put this in prospective and do a little math: Stay with me here Folks

Top 6/guys who will make the team: Nash, Krids, MSL, Brass, Zuc, JT(I am putting him there because I feel he is our 2nd line center until Steph gets back)

So assuming Nash is on the right and everyone is on the top 2 lines your looking at (or combo of this):



Now for the bottom 6: 


D. Moore 

are the only two "guaranteed" to start every night.

You figure Glass will probably be in the lineup due to his grit and hasn't been that bad, but most of all AV loves him.

So that leaves one center position and ONLY TWO wing positions.

So your centers options are 

Oscar L.


Hayes (If you want to put him there which I think he should go to right wing) 

Lombardi (which i think he is out with all the youth showing promise)

So from that you get Oscar L.and  Mueller and Hayes

Mind you that is all until Steph gets back and JT moves down (or if he shits the bed then obviously one stays and he goes down).

Now for TWO WIngs:







So my question is WHERE DO ANY OF THE KIDS FIT IN ESP. DUKE?????? 

Duke is a natural Left Winger. But you have hags on that third line. So do you really put him on the 4th line? Do you play him or Hags on his off wing??

For arguments sake say you keep Hags on his natural wing

Hags--Center TBD-- Stemp/Haggerty/Fast/Hayes 

Those are the natural Right Wingers.

So that leaves you with  last Wing job on the 4th line.

So point is unless someone moves to their off wing (which is entirely possible) or you switch Krids with Duke and move hags over to the right (which leaves all mentioned above now down to the 4th line) i don't know where your going to put everyone.

I say Duke stays and he finds a way to fit him in and  haggerty Fast and Hayes (since they can all go to the AHL) all going down. He keeps Stemp and Malone as 13th/4th liners.

I think your biggest question is can these guys sustain this for an entire season? And thats the deciding factor I believe. If AV's answer is Yes then he finds a way to get as many youth guys in the lineup as possible

But  I think it comes down to a numbers game. 

I wrote this quickly so there might be a few errors as far as peoples positions. I did this off the top of my head.

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@JMK8363 @ktc990 You are correct sir!! I knew i was.  Yea I think at the end of the day the kids will be a product of a numbers game. 

If only Duke/haggerty were a center and then they would almost guarentee themselves the 3rd line job for now.  AV might have no choice but to send them all packing. I would be opposed to having any of the higher end talented kids on the 4th line.

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Yea I am not sure where AV goes from here. Good problem to have obviously.  Impressed with Glass and honestly we are going to need that in the lineup if Duke and other kids are running around out there. 

I mean your locks are Krieder, MSL, Nash, Zuc, Brass

then hags and D. Moore on third line and fourth lines.



From there we have options:


Malone/Hayes--D. Moore--Glass/Fast

I mean am I forgetting someone?? It seems like every time I turn around we have someone new making an impact.

I honestly would really love for the Malone-D. Moore-Glass line to work out and be put together. Glass is doing well and between him and Malone they can watch out for the kids and generate offense. Also Malone can be a big part of the PP i believe with his big body. 

I thin at this point you let Duke stick as long as he is producing and then go from there. I see no reason to send him down. Let him play up and hopefully raise his game as other raise it around him.

I have never been a big Fast fan but if he keeps putting the puck in the net it would be hard not to put him in the mix.

Should be very interesting to how everything shakes out. Most important is we have options. Good problems to have

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It is believed this injury is related to an initial injury suffered blocking a shot during an informal skate on Sept. 9. Today’s break is in the same spot as where the puck hit his leg blocking that shot on Sept. 9."

-A. Gross

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Why not a little

Kreider - Hayes - MSL

Nash - Brass - MZA    

Hags -  Lindburg-JT      OR Hags- JT- Stemp

Malone - Dom - Stemp  OR Malone- D Moore- Glass/Fast

Let Hayes see if he can redevelop some chemistry with Kreider and the playmaking of St. Louis. Idk why you would break up Brass and MZA. I would look in a totally different direction before doing that. Don't fix what isn't broken.

I would not be moving D. Moore up either. I don't think he has enough offensive output for a 2nd line position. Maybe third, but again dont fix what isnt broken.

I think between Lindburg, Hayes, JT, Brass, D. Moore, lombardi, Mueller we have plenty of options up the middle for the two spots with the wealth of wingers we have such as kristo, fast, haggerty, duclair etc.

Also the season isn't until 2-3 weeks away so even if he is out for a month and half i am pretty sure we will be able to piece it together for a month of regular season time. Its not like the start of the regular season is tomorrow.

Injuries are going to happen so the best thing is it happened now and not in April.  

Point is there are 5 open spaces instead of 4 now. And we have a good 10 guys who i would be okay with in the those 5 spots and one of those players who could fill in for the month of October.

Remember the Rangers didn't even find their game until December last year so not having Stephan for the month of October is by far not the end of the world.

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Probably deepest team/collection of players I have seen the Rangers have in a very long time. Will not be worried if someone goes down who will fill the spot (hopefully no one does but that's wishful thinking) because we have lots of options. 

With a good mixture of speed, size, grit, veterans and youth I would love to see: 

Nash - Step - MSL

Kreider - Brass - MZA

Hags - Hayes - JT

Malone - Dom - Stemp

Glass has to be on the roster because of his contract and no 2 way (perfect guy to be sitting in the box as a 13th forward). So that leaves lombardi as odd man out waiting in the wings until someone gets hurt (which we all know will happen). Also have countless other young guys waiting as well (Haggerty, fast etc).

I really hope none of the young guys are on the 4th line and rather just be sent down. I like the fourth line as a gritty checking do the hard work line. They will get there goals but you need a line that can go out there and do the dirty work compared to an offensive minded line. I think malone dom and stemp/glass are perfect for that line. If you place guys like JT, Hayes, Haggerty etc on that line I think they are getting the wrong idea of how to play and are playing with much less talented players around them. To me it hurts their development not to play with equal or greater talented players on an offensive minded line. So hopefully AV avoids that.

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Couldn't you say he is probably a better Brian Boyle. Can actually fight, will stick up for teammates, seems to already have good chemistry with the guys, uses his size to his advantage, he has the POTENTIAL, and dare i say will probably put up more points than Boyle, good two way player, has experience playing deep into the playoffs.

I think we just upgraded from Boyle without really realizing it. Put him on the 4th line with D Moore and someone else that shows chemistry with these two and we just repalced/upgraded our deadly 4th line from last year.

I don't see a down side to this move. 

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To give you guys some perspective, I was 4 years old in day care. Now I am going to be 24 in September have a full time job and just purchased a house. I don't remember '94 in the least but now sitting there with my faather and brother who is 20 and was just 1, literally a baby enjoying this ride.

There are some of us who don't even remember '94 who sure as hell who love to remember '14.

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Where is the nearest brick wall so I can go run through it. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everything aside, I just don't know how you can be Girardi and watch the person you have been with since the beginning go down and just stand there. Like how that doesn't get him enraged to at least go over there and shove around like Zucc did. Idk, I just know even if your not a fighter, how you dont want to drop the golves there and TRY and at least beat the crap out of burrows is just beyond me. Like just watching that I want to drop the gloves. Idk how the competitive nature doesn't take over at that point and severely outweighs that your not a fighter.

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@gravey94  So the playoffs changed. Montreal and Tampa mean nothing. They changed the playoffs this year. Its all about divisions now

Overall 1 seed plays 8th seed

Overall 2 seed plays 7th seed

^Thats all the same.

But the 2nd and 3rd teams in each division play eachother. So we play philly and tampa plays mont.

Then the second round you play the top team in your division. So if pitts. won their match up we would play them if we won. Or if pitt lost, we would play whoever beat them.

Then after that round the two divisional winners would play for the conference title then move on to the cup. 

So if we won our second round opponent would be the pens unless they lost and we wouldn't see the bruins no matter what until the conference finals

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Bottom line is you need to run your mouth lol.. Thats the main difference. Avery did it nicely and thats what carcillio does.. I think haley who also runs his mouth would be a nice compliment 

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Carcillo Effect


SO heres a question...What happens when Dorsett comes back???

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Carcillo Effect


Not too much mention of how good hank has been so far

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Rangers vs. Flyers (Game 47)


So what happens if pouliot turns into pollycrap again for the whole season next season. Is too streaky for my liking. He is playing well now tho

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Rangers vs. Flyers (Game 47)


Has anyone thought that maybe Cally isn't injured and has just adjusted his play to avoid injury and this is maybe how he is going to play for the rest of his career because he has finally realized that he can't play the way he use to due to the fact that he was getting injured???

Just a thought

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If this doesn't get you playing with passion and wanting to hit someone and wanting to stick up for teammates and wanting to score goals then you shouldn't be playing hockey or in the NHL..

I literally watched that whole video wit ha smile on my face..

You need toughness.. Toughness brings fear for the other team, it creates turnovers with big hits, its brings that passion night in and night out not to mention what that type of stuff does for your lockerroom.

I really hate saying it but when you look at the Blackhawks, Bruins, Pens, kings.. they have toughness all throughout their line up and what did they do.. went deep into the playoffs and some one cups.. its a simple formula

Were not playing womens cricket here folks

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Vigneault Hints At Change In Personnel As Team Holds Closed Door Meeting


I think Say my Name is tlaking about this group..

This is a group that displayed passion and played with grit night in and night out.. Avery, Duby from the bench, Prust, and Boogy (RIP) who also fought twiceeeeeee in this game earlier AGAINST A EDM team who is in the WESTTTT and NOTTT a rivial


9 months, 3 weeks ago on Vigneault Hints At Change In Personnel As Team Holds Closed Door Meeting


They just arent a very good team.. Is it sad i am already looking forward to the offseason and next year when a whole new team will hopefully be playing

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Get rid of pyatt poullycrap, hags even( we have the same player in zucc, choose one) brassard and d. moore (again same player, choose one), DZ or J. Moore ( again choose one)... Trade, burry, do something

Bring in Ott (last yr of his deal so def trait bait for buffalo who is horrible) he looked pretty good last night and the 4th line center he will get you 10 goals hopefully), And bring up Mash, JT and Kristo, and Mcllrtath( or keep Flak in there).. How much better does that team look

JT miller-Brassard-Kristo

J. Moore-Falk

How much better does that look??

Cant be any worse than what we have now thats for sure

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I think we can all agree on this... With a new coach, expiring contracts, these next two years will shape our next 5 years plus...

They either commit to the young guys in the minors (JT, Linburg, kristo, mash, Mllrath, Allen) it will be interesting to see how they pan out as well as how the rangers choose to spend their money. Or they trade some of them and spend a little more money on other free agents..

With the emergence of Kreider, and Kristo tearing it up it seems to me he is the start of a second line that can score next year.. Now you need to surround him with a center and another forward that scores.. Now is Zucc the answer... Not sure.

Buyout richards, sign another scoring forward with his money, put him on a line with Kristo, JT Miller.. NOw Zucc is on a third line with hags possibly and another speedy forward.

Form the hard hitting, gritty line that we all know needs to be formed (i hate to say it, like Boston).. Put Mash there (who has skill and toughness) get an Ott from Buffalo and the maybe dorrsett..

NOW I thought this up on the fly and while I sitting at work so dont go bashing me if I missed things but the point I am trying to make is we have players and money to work with coming up and its going to be interesting to see what the rangers do for sure

We are at the crossroads of the old rangers and the new rangers to be for the next five years and I hope they make the right moves to get us to the Elite level.

10 months ago on Nothing Going On With Callahan Extension


See comment on last post... There aren't many things I have liked about AV so far

Isn't it the coaches job to evaluate his players and bring players in that fit his system? Apparenly AV doesn't feel that's necessary

10 months, 1 week ago on Does AV Want to Play Torts Hockey?


I really feel like I am watching a bunch of girls skating around everynight.

But that will all change, When Pyatt of crap come back. Don't worry!!!

I rally starting to question AV, Sitting JT for four games THEN sending him down, Love affection with non prodfuctive players in the double P's (Pyatt of crap and poullycrap), giradi moving to the PP over stralman...

I can tell you right now there honestly when you start thinking about it haven't been many decisions i have agreed with that seem literally MINDLESS decisions.. pyatt and Poully should be gone.. He shoudl be demanding players that can play.. 

ANd the fact that he can look at the 3rd and 4th line guys go around and skate like little girls when they should be physical and creating engery is just mindboggling.

Sorry for rant but it just can't stand the non physicality of this team and the decisions AV keeps making that everyone knows what the results are going to be.... 

10 months, 1 week ago on Rangers Could Make Trade Deadline Push for Cammalleri; Rangers Talk Del Zotto With Leafs


There is going to be one game where someone is going to get hurt... Thought it would when Nash got hurt.. But someone will take a run at one of our top players and there won't be a response.. And hopefully at that point AV and the organization will get the point and make sure there is toughness in the lineup.. But probably nott.. Its Sather after all

I cannot stress enough how much toughness is important in hockey... When you have a defense-men who will crush you if you try an go through the middle of the ice or a tougher player who will come on the ice to take care of business if you so much look at your top player... IT sets the tone and makes everyone on the ice think twice about anything you do and that leads to scoring chances when you brace urself in the corner for the hard hit and creates the turnover or on the defensive side a non scoring chance because instead of taking it through the middle they decide just to flip it in the zone.

Mash can do exactly what Poulycrap is doing and also brings that physical presence and if Falk isnt in the lineup god help us all( which sounds like he is)


There is NOT ONE person the other team is scared of... NOT ONE.. therefore they have free reigns on our top players every night.

10 months, 2 weeks ago on Nash Returns Tonight; MIller Scratched


@mattimar @NYR44

Cannot agree enough with this.. 100% agree... And mash can play a little...  Mash-Moore-Dorsett.. Sounds like a line who can generate energy, play physical and can still generate scoring opportunities.. I didn't say score, but at least scoring chances

10 months, 2 weeks ago on Mashinter Assigned to Hartford


@jslnyr1102 110% agreeeeeeeeee

11 months ago on Rangers/Oilers Possible Trading Partners


I just hate having same players on the team. To me, size does matter.

Zucc and Hags- Choose one, both small,speedy and offensive

Pyatt, dom moore- Choose One, both don't score at all and play the PK

What if you had something like this once cally comes back:




Del Zotto-J. Moore

Look how much tougher and balanced that lineup is: Trade a combo of zucc, pyatt and moore, maybe even del zotto for ott. Now that fourth line is looking more like the burins fourth line last year where they can play hard-nosed forechecking and bring a gritty game

The other thing is our D is not scarey at all. There is no one making you think twice about driving to the net or standing in front of the net. Thats a problem.  There has to be a price to pay if your going in that area of the ice and they are just letting these top players run around and do whatever.  SOMEONE LAY A HIT ON SOMEONE AND THROW THEM OFF THERE GAME. That fires everyone upp and shows passion. FInallyyyyy they showed some passion last night with Richy at the end of the game. Bout damn timeee


11 months ago on Rangers 3, Islanders 2