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Where is the nearest brick wall so I can go run through it. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everything aside, I just don't know how you can be Girardi and watch the person you have been with since the beginning go down and just stand there. Like how that doesn't get him enraged to at least go over there and shove around like Zucc did. Idk, I just know even if your not a fighter, how you dont want to drop the golves there and TRY and at least beat the crap out of burrows is just beyond me. Like just watching that I want to drop the gloves. Idk how the competitive nature doesn't take over at that point and severely outweighs that your not a fighter.

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@gravey94  So the playoffs changed. Montreal and Tampa mean nothing. They changed the playoffs this year. Its all about divisions now

Overall 1 seed plays 8th seed

Overall 2 seed plays 7th seed

^Thats all the same.

But the 2nd and 3rd teams in each division play eachother. So we play philly and tampa plays mont.

Then the second round you play the top team in your division. So if pitts. won their match up we would play them if we won. Or if pitt lost, we would play whoever beat them.

Then after that round the two divisional winners would play for the conference title then move on to the cup. 

So if we won our second round opponent would be the pens unless they lost and we wouldn't see the bruins no matter what until the conference finals

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