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I'm going to have to disagree with you PJD on some of the things you've said. 

I don't think 75% of the players are fired, in fact this is the bright spot of this team. 

Look at the DB's.  Two of Aaron Rodger's passes should have been picked off.  The two passes he whizzed by the ear hole of the Viking defenders.  Why weren't they picked off? Because the DB was watching the player, turn that players head 90 degrees and it's an interception.  Why are they looking at the player? Because our secondary coach can't coach. 

Look at our receivers.  Time and time again, they are open and time and time again they don't get the ball? Why is that? two reason no QB and no coach that can develop a QB. 

The problem with the Vikings is all with coaching.  I believe the Vikings are in the same boat as the S.F. 49ers when Singletary was their headcoach.  The 49ers had a ton of talent but coaches who couldn't bring it together.  They bring in Harbaugh and the next year they're contending again.  I feel the Vikes are in the same boat.  The pieces, even QB, are there we just need a coach who can bring it all together

1 year, 5 months ago on PJD's Game 7 Recap: BREAKING NEWS - VIKINGS SUCK