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 @jenfrreva  @Linda the Bra Lady   @BustyGirl Hurrah, Linda the Bra Lady for this article! I have been big busted since my teens. Mom always told me to wear my bra all the time or otherwise I would look like a Jersey cow by the time I was 50. Well that was in the days of "burn your bra" and now look like a Jersey cow and mostly hate bras. I have only a few good fitting bras and I do not live in the Northeast anymore. I am now in NM. So needless to say I have to purchase bras mail order.  Only size that fits me is a 46DD and I bought that about a year ago. I hate underwires but I need something that is 1) comfortable and 2) gives me support. BTW, what ever happened to the bullet and long line bras of the '50's and '60s? Those ladies look like they had so much uplift and support when they wore their dresses.

1 year, 5 months ago on How Bra Band Sizes Have Changed