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@rdr2019 He was already told he is not part of the kings plans this year. So he is not going to be put into the game, unless Coach Mike Malone is "forced" into playing jimmer. That is what he said. That was is was kind of an joke when malone hinted that he was going to s hake up the lineup and then just changes thorton for Ben M. (who is better than thornton anyway) Now we will have the huge shakeup of IT to start for Vasquez and the giant shakeups will be complete!

1 year ago on So you want to coach the Sacramento Kings?


Are they  going to play Jimmer based on matchups, or will he only be "forced into minutes" based on injuries?

1 year ago on Sacramento Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro explains Jimmer Fredette decision


Great article James. Very well written.  Not necessarily Pro Jimmer or Anti Jimmer, just a fair article accessing the situation.  Here is the hard part. There is too much of a log jam at Guard for the kings.  I like the move of Jimmer to 2 guard. He has played well there.  Ben M. is the future of this backcourt.  So whether Jimmer or Marcus is moved or not, they are just holding Ben's place. It is for this reason, I say, trade Marcus.  Let Jimmer start and play this season. Give him a real chance. If he signs, great, you could have a great spark plug off the bench. If he continues to play marginally with bad defense, then no real loss. Ben M. comes along slowly, and takes over the position.

1 year, 1 month ago on Sunday Musings: The Jimmer Fredette Dilemma