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RE:  BEING MARIANO - 90 MINUTE HIGHLY PRAISED DOCUMENTARY   -   - about the great closer.  Where are you?  I've been waiting for this documentary since I first heard about it.......We're at WFLD Chicago where it was to be shown.  Post the Bears/Redskins game now, and NO film no mention of it other than from the Football Crew who said it would follow their post game show.  Now it's 5:35 CST, and no Mariano.  Yet my family outside of DC (same game)  had a 40- minute delay with post game stuff and the documentary is currently watching.

Makes me so angry with the Network that there is no explanation other than the one from the Big Boys and their pre/post-game shows.

I know it's to be repeated late on Tuesday on Fox Sports1.  I don't have that what happens?

1 year, 6 months ago on Being: Mariano is a phenomenal behind the scenes view at Rivera's final season